20 Next-Level Inventions you didn't think were Possible.

20 Incredible Tech Inventions, from smartphones, to gadgets, to tech gifts up till 2021. If you enjoyed this do consider subscribing! 👊

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    MrwhosethebossMaand geleden

    Trying something completely new with this one - would really love some feedback if you want to see more like this! 👊 To see my last video on the most expensive phone I've ever seen, held and unboxed: nldron.info/work/video/sXZ-XdOZeoLBb2g

  • MD anoarul Islam

    MD anoarul Islam

    7 dagen geleden

    ঔ ঞঞ ৌঝাল ঐ ও ঞঞঞঞ ঐঐৈও 9ঔঔ9ঔঔ9ঔ9ঔ8ঔঔ9ঔঔঔঞোঐঞওঞওঝোঞোওঔওঞঙূঙঙঙঙঘ77ঙঙ6ঙঘ7ঙঢঢঙঙঙ667ঙ6ঙঙঙঙঙঙঘঘঙঙঙঙঙ6ঘঢঙ7ঢঘ77ঈঘ6666667ঙঙঘ767ঙঙঙঙঢঢঙঘঙঙঙঢঙঙ6ওওঞোওওঔঔ9ঔ9ঞঔঔঞৈঔঔ8ঔঞঞঞঞওঞঞঞঞোঞোঞ6666উ65উ5উ566উ666উ5উউ65556উ56656উ66ঘ656565565556656556555566566উ66666666ঢঙ

  • MD anoarul Islam

    MD anoarul Islam

    7 dagen geleden

    ঔ ঞঞ ৌঝাল ঐ ও ঞঞঞঞ ঐঐৈও 9ঔঔ9ঔঔ9ঔ9ঔ8ঔঔ9ঔঔঔঞোঐঞওঞওঝোঞোওঔওঞঙূঙঙঙঙঘ77ঙঙ6ঙঘ7ঙঢঢঙঙঙ667ঙ6ঙঙঙঙঙঙঘঘঙঙঙঙঙ6ঘঢঙ7ঢঘ7ঈঘ6666667ঙঙঘ767ঙঙঙঙঢঢঙঘঙঙঙঢঙঙ6ওওঞোওওঔঔ9ঔ9ঞঔঔঞৈঔঔ8ঔঞঞঞঞওঞঞঞঞোঞোঞ6666উ65উ5উ566উ666উ5উউ65556উ56656উ66ঘ656565565556656556555566566উ66666666ঢঙ

  • Zurgham Tanveer

    Zurgham Tanveer

    13 dagen geleden

    That was a great video.... i love your videos anyway.... i bought poco x3 after watching your review and thanks to your video i was totally prepared for it. i do think you should start discussing low budges phones a bit more, because that's what majority f people buy

  • jay


    20 dagen geleden


  • Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar

    21 dag geleden

    Yes please keep making such videos

  • DragonOfMight
    DragonOfMightUur geleden

    1:20 Imagine playing something like tf2 or valorant and u suddenly just see flames coming out of the machine lmao

  • Devil_ _X
    Devil_ _X4 uur geleden

    Nice video really informative

  • Shreyan Thakrar
    Shreyan Thakrar5 uur geleden


  • EZ2ACTux
    EZ2ACTux5 uur geleden

    Best part of that Nuka Notebook is you can write normally as a Left Hander and YOU WON'T SMUDGE EVERYTHING HALLELUJAH

  • Random Space animator
    Random Space animator8 uur geleden

    Arun: i was coming this close to ordering a panel for my room, but i realized i had to sell the room to buy it me: you litteraly bought a golden phone for 200k. one of those panels goes for 40k-

  • Akshay Kumar
    Akshay Kumar10 uur geleden

    Can I get iphone xR or 8 please

  • Kevin CHills
    Kevin CHills10 uur geleden

    Styropyro is a mad genius.

  • Devil 0p
    Devil 0p12 uur geleden

    Bro i love your accent

  • Mahesh K
    Mahesh K13 uur geleden

    Mr. You're the boss

  • George Henderson
    George Henderson18 uur geleden

    The awake sociology appropriately groan because cooking hemodynamically ruin onto a shivering family. sore, hulking karate

  • Lourila La petit louve
    Lourila La petit louve18 uur geleden

    9:02 - 9:07 rip my ears 😭 (ultrasonic? sound)

  • Jonathan McPherson
    Jonathan McPherson20 uur geleden

    The non Newtonian fluids is called goop,or oobleck, you technically just mix water and cornstarch together and you have it

  • PugPugJJ Playz
    PugPugJJ Playz21 uur geleden

    2:15 so genius

  • Onyeka D'mello
    Onyeka D'mello23 uur geleden


  • Elli
    ElliDag geleden

    cyberpunk is in fact not finished 🤲

  • Luck Ding Wong
    Luck Ding WongDag geleden

    I draw the line at eating silicon implant..

  • Gdtsgsh Gafdto1
    Gdtsgsh Gafdto1Dag geleden

    NLdronrs are way overpaid.

  • Amirul Hafiz
    Amirul HafizDag geleden

    10:45 basically flew a fleet of 1500 drones to promote a gacha game. Nice

  • Kyzer Mullins
    Kyzer MullinsDag geleden

    I shock myself with one of those electrical lighter

  • w-h-a-t? :3 (MAU111pro)
    w-h-a-t? :3 (MAU111pro)Dag geleden

    Liked it!

  • Infinite creations
    Infinite creationsDag geleden

    awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rohit Singh
    Rohit SinghDag geleden

    we play video games because we can enjoy things that we cannot do in real life.

  • StarkeN
    StarkeNDag geleden

    Well bois ima go buy many lasers and build my own laser gun

  • Ceceo
    CeceoDag geleden

    Can't you just eat ice instead of having edible water-bottles??

  • MattsLegoChannel
    MattsLegoChannelDag geleden

    Finally something for us glasses wearers

  • Konrad Leśniak
    Konrad LeśniakDag geleden

    Shanghai show was for 70 anniversary of Shipolbrok. Polish sea transportation company.

  • TheosTheo901
    TheosTheo901Dag geleden

    i loved it

  • Ha duj
    Ha dujDag geleden

    Random Guy: Makes a House that can Move…. Mr. WhosTheBoss: uh… 3/10

  • Niffler9c


    21 uur geleden

    Mumbo Jumbo?

  • cross isaac
    cross isaacDag geleden

    I've always wondered how did you get your channel name?

  • James P
    James PDag geleden

    I'm not that tech savvy. But your videos make things so much more interesting. Plus it's just relaxing to chill out and watch. So thanks.

  • Croconart
    CroconartDag geleden

    10:05 KONO DIO DA!!!!

  • ömer topcu
    ömer topcuDag geleden

    This video is just perfect.The quality is amazing the content is so good

  • YourFriendlyNeighborhoodHomelessMan
    YourFriendlyNeighborhoodHomelessMan2 dagen geleden

    so pyro eh?

  • Jeremiah Mckenna
    Jeremiah Mckenna2 dagen geleden

    I definitely liked this series. Even though some of the items you have in this video have been around for a while, I still enjoyed the content. I mean, who am I to suggest that everyone in the entire world has seen everything that you showcased.

  • Jeremiah Mckenna
    Jeremiah Mckenna2 dagen geleden

    Arc Lighters have been out for a long time.

  • Jeremiah Mckenna
    Jeremiah Mckenna2 dagen geleden

    Isn't the Smart Glass device the same as Google Glass?

  • Jeremiah Mckenna
    Jeremiah Mckenna2 dagen geleden

    As a Marine, I can definitely say that the floating backpack is a 100/10.

  • JustBread OG
    JustBread OG2 dagen geleden

    people when they see notebook high on the list normal people:omg thats so cool weebs:DEATH NOTE IS REAL?!?!?

  • Albert K
    Albert K2 dagen geleden

    these are fantastic inventions

  • HESH AtSeaLab
    HESH AtSeaLab2 dagen geleden

    The headphones has kinda been around since the early 00s, they are very hard on your eyes being so close to your eyes though.

  • The CC Monster
    The CC Monster2 dagen geleden

    i really wonder if those smart glasses are going to work as actual glasses tho, and i so want to try the edible bottles

  • Harsh Kasundra
    Harsh Kasundra2 dagen geleden

    How can the making of a video be this perfect

  • Dustin Malpass (Dustin M.)
    Dustin Malpass (Dustin M.)2 dagen geleden

    I got an ad with you in it... cool

  • Troy Hillmeyer
    Troy Hillmeyer2 dagen geleden

    If that drone can realize that someone is not well, they could get it to a police station using gps coordinates. That would be amazing news for any missing people. Autonomous drones for that purpose would be perfect.

  • Rishabh Jalgaonkar
    Rishabh Jalgaonkar2 dagen geleden

    I would like to see a 'Focus' in real life from Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Michael Goose Gaming House
    Michael Goose Gaming House2 dagen geleden

    id like to see more vids like this

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    Ben Evans2 dagen geleden

    Please do more of these types of videos, absolutely loved it!! 😁🙌🏻

  • Abel S. Benadict
    Abel S. Benadict2 dagen geleden

    8:00 EDITH!!!!

  • DepthStrider14
    DepthStrider143 dagen geleden

    Please do not buy the first one. I saw UnboxTherapy review is and bought it. When I got it the screens we're jumpy. Audio would always cut out and work days later. The whole thing feels a bit clunky. Over all just buy a flat screen and a sound bar. Better choice at the prive

  • minetruly
    minetruly3 dagen geleden

    How does an arc lighter rate higher than edible packaging that feeds sealife instead of killing it

  • minetruly
    minetruly3 dagen geleden

    A normal 99¢ wide ruled notebook with a picture of SpongeBob on it and an ordinary pencil can be used in space.

  • minetruly
    minetruly3 dagen geleden

    "Can you imagine running late to work and just munching on a handful of spoons on the way?" Sadly, I would do that on a regular basis.

  • Ashiana Afrin Isha
    Ashiana Afrin Isha3 dagen geleden

    I don't know but your voice is so soothing and relaxing to me!... Like it released all my tension and anxiety and calmed my mind... 💋❤️♥️❤️💋

  • Rahul Menon
    Rahul Menon3 dagen geleden

    There is a way to build artificial sun for yourself. There is a brilliant guy who teaches us that and i subscribed his channel long ago. But am lazy now to look up and introduce him here... and thats how lazy i am to build one. I guess most of people visiting this channel already knows him well.

  • Calebowskinetic
    Calebowskinetic3 dagen geleden

    imagine playing as pyro with the vortx

  • BMX Steve
    BMX Steve3 dagen geleden

    Nice video, made me feel broke asf

  • Morgan Keay
    Morgan Keay3 dagen geleden

    Yes. This video is the one piece of tech that he didn’t mention that would get 10/10

  • Laylah Waller
    Laylah Waller3 dagen geleden

    God helps us in our weakness! Romans 8:26

  • MrSeekLoad
    MrSeekLoad3 dagen geleden

    Good idea of the new series. Just do not forget the old series who were also fabulous.

  • MrSeekLoad
    MrSeekLoad3 dagen geleden

    But actually the old notebook has one huge advantage. That is that after years you can look back on what you noted years ago. Try that withthe new gen notebook, I do not think it will last like 10 years or more like a real notebook does if you have important notes that should last for years.

  • Nolan Beichner
    Nolan Beichner3 dagen geleden

    Imagine if the drone QR code was a rickroll.

  • Chiel “Nighter3D” Voswijk
    Chiel “Nighter3D” Voswijk3 dagen geleden

    Edible packaging i don't believe in as they treat the symptom (There is plastic in nature!!) instead of the cause (There is plastic GETTING INTO nature!!).

  • Keyz
    Keyz3 dagen geleden

    I just had to hit the Like button real quick to your video when I laughed out loud at the Avegant Glyph headphones 🎧🤣👍

  • ollyshuteye1982
    ollyshuteye19823 dagen geleden

    Did anyone receive their Cowa Robot?

  • Vaidya Srikanth
    Vaidya Srikanth4 dagen geleden

    It was me, skydio 2.0, all along

  • Afiy Thyis
    Afiy Thyis4 dagen geleden

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  • Santhosh Prabhu
    Santhosh Prabhu4 dagen geleden

    Everything was just so freaking cool! Except for number 1, which was absolutely shit.

  • YinXz
    YinXz4 dagen geleden

    Man i love this guy, effort and great ideas. Also funny jokes lol ❤️❤️❤️❤️💥💥💥💳💳

  • Cheryl Tan
    Cheryl Tan4 dagen geleden

    6:29 Fine dining-- everything I wanted to do

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    Jiaqi Loo4 dagen geleden

    Bruhh that 0:29 is the sickest out there lmao 😂

  • dekos zero
    dekos zero4 dagen geleden

    The seabin could be powered by windmills in the ocean instead and would be pretty clean

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    bread4 dagen geleden

    9:02 ouch i was wearing earphones- my ears 🚶

  • Ella Mason
    Ella Mason4 dagen geleden

    You just have to pay for shipping and *cybers_cracker* will deliver a brown new iPhone 12 pro max for free.

  • Ella Mason
    Ella Mason4 dagen geleden

    You just have to pay for shipping and *cybers_cracker* will deliver a brown new iPhone 12 pro max for free.

  • Ella Mason
    Ella Mason4 dagen geleden

    You just have to pay for shipping and *cybers_cracker* will deliver a brown new iPhone 12 pro max for free.

  • S. V.
    S. V.4 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure I like the notebook idea. There is a diary of an ordinary man who lived through Hitler. He journalled what it was really like, all the hypocrisy that was self under the rug after the war. No one could have proved the extent without this diary which wasn't published until the late 1990's. It's pretty terrifying. Also look at davinci's notebooks, Anne Frank's diary, the list can go on. Books and ephemeral items are important because they are ephemeral.

  • Sn0storm
    Sn0storm4 dagen geleden

    Ok but lets talk about the seabin for a second. If it requires power to work, could you make it solar powered? I mean it’s on the water/ocean all day, so it would be getting plenty of sun. Boom. Problem solved.

  • Sakshyam Agrawal
    Sakshyam Agrawal4 dagen geleden

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    Karis the Unicorn4 dagen geleden

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    Mrs Jane

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    Mrs Jane

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    @Nnamdi Chude you are a lying

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    Nnamdi Chude

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    Alaye scam

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    Jessy susan

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    Longway James

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    @Williams jon No exact amount but a profit range from $1200 to $5000 depending on the coin fluctuation in market

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