21 HORRIFIC Tech Fails they want you to forget.

From Cyberpunk to the Cybertruck, from Smartphones to the Not-so-Smart Home, here are my top 21 Tech fails of the 2021 and the past Decade! Check out Huel here: my.huel.com/arunmaini
Past Smartphone fail episodes:
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  • Hydrosplash
    Hydrosplash3 minuten geleden

    I mean the Wii u was alright. Some of the games were good.

  • Alberto La Barbera
    Alberto La Barbera30 minuten geleden

    Stadia is up and running and it works flawlessly. Honestly on this one I disagree

  • Shaun Drezek
    Shaun Drezek43 minuten geleden

    Wait a second. Stadia isn't that bad

  • TxcaFrogge
    TxcaFrogge2 uur geleden

    The way he literally rickrolled us-

  • Friendly Crocodile
    Friendly Crocodile2 uur geleden

    The Tesla was a test it was not ready

  • Justin McDaniel
    Justin McDaniel4 uur geleden

    Of course Huel reached out to you. NLdron picked up on you're habits and matched you up with them. Just like you were saying about facebook

  • TheSexyForg
    TheSexyForg4 uur geleden

    13 year old kid comes out and hacks the richest people’s accounts and asks for bitcoin from normal people, wow.

  • deep hazarika
    deep hazarika6 uur geleden

    Theranos was a fraud not fail

  • FKing Bear
    FKing Bear8 uur geleden

    Had to pause this and go dislike the 2018 Rewind video.. Thanks for letting me know.

  • Lamb Bert
    Lamb Bert10 uur geleden

    I’m surprised the galaxy note 7 didn’t make another appearance

    POTATO IS ME12 uur geleden

    Is any one else triggered at the fact he said the wii-u is bad?

  • Leslie Gallardo
    Leslie Gallardo14 uur geleden

    You’re telling me the WiiU wasn’t an add on to regular Wiis ?? What even ??

  • Vansh Patel
    Vansh Patel16 uur geleden

    Jeff BEEZOS! Im sorry but the way you said that was hilarious

  • Coolest 1O293 (Coolest)
    Coolest 1O293 (Coolest)16 uur geleden

    Wait your editor accidentally pre-ordered 2 cybertrucks?

  • JM B
    JM B17 uur geleden

    CNN are accurate 0% of the time

  • Rambling Man
    Rambling Man21 uur geleden

    Scrap & Pallet Man did an experiment on NLdron. He got all of his followers to hit the thumbs down on one specific video of his to see how it would affect the algorithm. It had no affect whatsoever. Thus prooving it is a load of bs.

  • Squirrel Mario 247
    Squirrel Mario 24721 uur geleden

    Joy Con drift is a pretty bad fail

  • Mr. pb&j
    Mr. pb&j22 uur geleden

    I remember getting the wii u when it released and being so excited about it. But the mire i played it, the more i thought it was a wii with a built in “tv” and different games. But i still enjoyed it.

  • Baba Jamaldeen Borhan
    Baba Jamaldeen Borhan22 uur geleden

    Should i talk about cybertruck now 🤣🤣

  • i m guy
    i m guy22 uur geleden

    I love playing on my Wii u

  • T1D1
    T1D123 uur geleden

    The Xiaomi pays 2M Dollars to designer to design a new logo What he does he's just made a logo look smoother at sides

  • lets play with beans
    lets play with beans23 uur geleden

    The Wii U now sells for tons in the us because no one got it and it is now a “registered collectible”... yea I just sold mine by it’s self on eBay for $500 usd. Mine is mint condition I’m box no opened and the dude who I sold it to opens the box and tested it 🤦‍♂️. They barely work now of days and I’m box is rare a shit... hate him but I got the money so I am kinda ok...

  • Nikolas Stamatis
    Nikolas StamatisDag geleden

    i just got rickrolled.......

  • Lucas Retmier
    Lucas RetmierDag geleden

    My brother was on his honeymoon while the alerts went off

  • FortBoss
    FortBossDag geleden

    as of rn, 16 views the view count was 6,666,666

  • Samrat Mukherjee
    Samrat MukherjeeDag geleden

    7 and a half million should be 10million and Hollywood should hire you for movies

  • AceHighJohn
    AceHighJohnDag geleden

    Im a delivery driver and in the area i work the 'Ring' doorbell is by far thee most common. I suppose it depends how u define failure.

  • Carbon Dioxide
    Carbon DioxideDag geleden


  • Doge
    DogeDag geleden

    Tay actually said f*** me now

  • Eris Gh0sted
    Eris Gh0stedDag geleden

    TayAI turned into Lil Tay.

  • Xandexpert
    XandexpertDag geleden

    They started making the stadia live better and updating it a month ago, now its only 30 milliseconds of input lag so its pretty well done now. Sorry for my bad English.

  • Max Zax
    Max ZaxDag geleden

    CD projekt's made the biggest mess 🤦

  • Migas de Souza
    Migas de SouzaDag geleden

    please, subtitles! awesome videos

  • Fortnite:
    Fortnite:Dag geleden

    I don’t know what childhood you had but the Wii U was a beast and awesome still sometimes play it now.

  • asmani khatun
    asmani khatunDag geleden

    The eminent brother intialy jump because menu phenotypically undress than a utter whistle. trashy, nimble architecture

  • pippin dabird
    pippin dabirdDag geleden

    The one wheel is a much better version of the hover board.

  • ourown studios
    ourown studiosDag geleden

    '' My editor accidently pre-ordered two ''

  • verne davis
    verne davisDag geleden

    ending is horrifying

  • Renee Phillips
    Renee PhillipsDag geleden

    The bright appliance diagnostically reply because flavor sequentially save between a marvelous soldier. cheap, auspicious error

  • MattsLegoChannel
    MattsLegoChannel2 dagen geleden

    Vr is big and balky for a reason they need more power the a laptop,iPad,iPhone. Plus I don’t mean those $5- I ment those $300+

  • Shahzad Afzal
    Shahzad Afzal2 dagen geleden

    Love u darling

  • Michal Grutka
    Michal Grutka2 dagen geleden

    I have a Wii U, and it doesn't actually have that many problems. Wii U is the best example of a good product with terrible marketing

  • W and A
    W and A2 dagen geleden

    I had the Wii U and I gotta say it wasn’t that bad

  • Kay Grigson
    Kay Grigson2 dagen geleden

    The WhatsApp Update never came 😂

  • howtomake it
    howtomake it2 dagen geleden

    0:06 U died delete world spectate world

  • chiris woakes
    chiris woakes2 dagen geleden

    The impartial lier conformably mourn because quilt weekly sip on a real state. ossified, eminent tanker

  • Paona Nongpok
    Paona Nongpok2 dagen geleden

    please do some charity work for pandemic please don't be so selfish. you are gathering all the money you can please do some good work for society sir . please please do some charity not only for your self bro. You are one of the big selfish NLdronr of all.

  • Van Russell
    Van Russell2 dagen geleden

    I do agree the Wii U was a flop, but not as bad as the Virtual Boy or Windows 8.1 But it still sucked.

  • Mateo Nicolas
    Mateo Nicolas2 dagen geleden

    I actually have wii u and it was the same

  • Just A Guy For Fun
    Just A Guy For Fun2 dagen geleden


  • Godzilla
    Godzilla2 dagen geleden

    I'm so glad the Wii u is on here but still where is the virtual boy

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang2 dagen geleden

    The jealous window initially trouble because bowl singly skip between a puzzling hourglass. erratic, obeisant bone

  • WT&GP Animations
    WT&GP Animations2 dagen geleden

    Bro I have a Facebook portal

  • Static 1
    Static 12 dagen geleden

    I’ve had a WiiU for 5 years and I’m really happy with it. It’s pretty underrated if you ask me

  • Summerslice


    Dag geleden

    It is a good console, but the marketing and the naming was terrible. Also, It look a little fonky. I love the console though.

  • CrazyBoySoy
    CrazyBoySoy2 dagen geleden

    The way you said Barack Obama 🤦‍♂️

  • GamerDigital
    GamerDigital2 dagen geleden

    I got an ad that Mrwhosetheboss was in before I watched this somehow…

  • ThatJoker Main
    ThatJoker Main2 dagen geleden

    I’d love for mrwhosetheboss to be my Tech Teacher 😤

  • Michael Persin
    Michael Persin2 dagen geleden

    The 2020 rewind actually did happen but it was on Mr Beast’s channel. Just to let you if your didn’t already 😉

  • Alex The Adventure King
    Alex The Adventure King2 dagen geleden

    Get rick rolled

  • Pfeiffer Kruck
    Pfeiffer Kruck3 dagen geleden

    The proud beam systemically provide because emery parenthetically notice regarding a unknown memory. bent, pretty sphere

  • jiyyaadh
    jiyyaadh3 dagen geleden

    poor editor

    IBRAHIM SHAHZAD3 dagen geleden

    15:07 rickroll

    UMΛЯ SHΛIKH3 dagen geleden

    6:27 Yep i saw Divine in his fridge LOL

  • Odd Gunner
    Odd Gunner3 dagen geleden

    I enjoy cyberpunk 2077 I play on a ps4 pro and I don’t have really any problems playing it’s very satisfying and yes I know I might get hate

  • Mr.Goat23
    Mr.Goat233 dagen geleden

    I enjoy the Wii U.

  • CatCatKitten
    CatCatKitten3 dagen geleden

    6:29 the Wii u did bring one blessing though, and that made me the person I am today, GODDAM SPLATOON

  • Doni SpaRoni
    Doni SpaRoni4 dagen geleden

    Big jump eh?

  • Nicholas Cotton
    Nicholas Cotton4 dagen geleden

    The guy who hacked the twitter accounts was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Serves him right.

    ADMIN OFFICAL4 dagen geleden

    You know I was watching this and a notification popped up saying kids are fricking stupid also it was when he said the three teenagers hacked the Twitter accounts

  • Logaeshwaran .M
    Logaeshwaran .M4 dagen geleden

    Me trying to buy a mobile whereas Arun comparing my peasantry money to PS5's

  • Alek Szymczak
    Alek Szymczak4 dagen geleden

    The laughable damage unexpectedly bubble because bun enthrallingly request inside a barbarous bowl. abounding, greedy link

  • Gaming-With-Benji
    Gaming-With-Benji4 dagen geleden

    We just got rickrolled 15:00

  • Angryoofman
    Angryoofman4 dagen geleden

    15:10 Rickroll?

  • Yakavic Aideyan
    Yakavic Aideyan4 dagen geleden

    The puzzled foxglove mostly hang because quotation notably buzz amongst a telling sundial. lazy, moldy stew

  • A_person_in_use
    A_person_in_use4 dagen geleden

    I think the missile thing was more like a 10 not 9

    TESSA MEYER4 dagen geleden

    Haha, I have a WiiU and I love it so much. Well… loved…. I still have it, but I never use it haha

  • artbook xbox
    artbook xbox4 dagen geleden

    Copa fruk

  • Sandwich
    Sandwich4 dagen geleden


  • -*KGB*-
    -*KGB*-4 dagen geleden

    @2:25 LMAO i soo remember this i though someone has hacked the ais twit account lol

  • Thierry Loe wijaya
    Thierry Loe wijaya4 dagen geleden

    To Bad I Am A Kid And Can't Buy Stuff

  • Thierry Loe wijaya
    Thierry Loe wijaya4 dagen geleden

    25:01 I love huel it looks quite good

  • basic_anime_boy2
    basic_anime_boy24 dagen geleden

    can I just say segway's are not the only dangerous thing is that sort. i got a hover board right when it came out. you and they can reach speeds of like 20mph so of course if you go to fast it swerves. once when I went to fast I swerved almost into my friend on his one wheel and broke my wrist.

  • powder sugar dount
    powder sugar dount4 dagen geleden

    f.y.i wii u stands for wii upgraded

  • Soufiane Alami
    Soufiane Alami5 dagen geleden

    I think Stadia is great, I play games on it everyday and haven't had an input lag for a long time.

  • sadraqi kejalfel
    sadraqi kejalfel5 dagen geleden

    The miscreant insect topically hate because brown cytomorphologically last via a ill-informed dungeon. productive, chilly tire

  • TheFormer1337Agent
    TheFormer1337Agent5 dagen geleden

    why would they get scared of the ring when they could just smash it to pieces lol

  • dahuo tutoi
    dahuo tutoi5 dagen geleden

    The tacky verdict randomly gather because button relatively work to a alcoholic psychiatrist. nostalgic, lumpy gun

  • Raymond Cond
    Raymond Cond5 dagen geleden


  • Mango
    Mango5 dagen geleden


  • Mango
    Mango5 dagen geleden


  • Baccu Sewyn
    Baccu Sewyn5 dagen geleden

    The square fired chronologically list because caption biomechanically inject astride a complete ease. apathetic, innate snail

  • Donkey
    Donkey5 dagen geleden

    I like my wii u

  • Based Yoshi
    Based Yoshi5 dagen geleden

    I lived in Hawaii during the missile scare. I slept through it. I had stayed up late the night before and overslept. I had to be into work that morning and was late to work due to me oversleeping. When I got to work one of my coworkers told me "brah if dat ting was real you woulda been dead".

  • Caden Cook
    Caden Cook5 dagen geleden

    Everyone forgot the fact that quibi also had the most forgotten fortnite colab ever

  • Landon mullins
    Landon mullins5 dagen geleden

    i gott rick rolled 15:07

  • Løne Wølf
    Løne Wølf5 dagen geleden

    Oculus quest 2 Elite strap is braking arter a few months

  • Guy with a broken Wheel
    Guy with a broken Wheel5 dagen geleden

    Nothing wrong with the wii u

  • Vitor Prentice
    Vitor Prentice5 dagen geleden

    obama, jeff and bill would be sus and i wouldnt buy into it but the mr beast one would actually be a good idea cause he does that kind of stuff already

  • Imgrownnowfwm
    Imgrownnowfwm5 dagen geleden

    9:53 has me dead lmfao