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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    2 videos in 2 days! What do you think to the more on-the-fly outdoor filming style? 🤞 Also, please do consider checking out Brilliant, would really help to support the channel!

  • Nathan Lee

    Nathan Lee

    12 dagen geleden

    Love it

  • Kan Kantona

    Kan Kantona

    14 dagen geleden

    great video, except the last part is way too extreme LOL. just drop the phones instead man

  • Toni


    19 dagen geleden

    0 por ⁰

  • that omnic mechanic

    that omnic mechanic

    24 dagen geleden

    Lets test durability Grated phone sandwich anyone XD

  • Elite FF Squadron

    Elite FF Squadron

    Maand geleden

    What are your promotion rates

  • D#m! Zsoldos
    D#m! ZsoldosUur geleden

    Wow my phone 📱 (Samsung galaxy A5 2016) can survive 1 meter drop in a cheap case

  • DashHopes
    DashHopes2 uur geleden

    1:15 the rickroll in the bg

  • Shanthanu. R
    Shanthanu. R3 uur geleden

    Mate stop with rick

  • Red Apple88
    Red Apple889 uur geleden

    😢 OMG my oneplus

  • Omela Fupu
    Omela Fupu10 uur geleden

    1:15 *MOST CLEVER AND LEGENDARY RICKROLL EVER* pewdiepie and timeworks reddits trollers: "WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN"

  • M Peter
    M Peter17 uur geleden


  • flakeri
    flakeri18 uur geleden

    secret rickroll

  • Anoop daksa prabhu Putu
    Anoop daksa prabhu Putu18 uur geleden

    The rick roll 😂😂

  • Z.K. Productions
    Z.K. Productions23 uur geleden

    I would expect this to be a video from JerryRigEverything

  • Thunder E.B
    Thunder E.BDag geleden

    the only unbreakable phone that exists IS THE NOKIA PHONE

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalonDag geleden

    Lol we found to quickest way to destroy any phone. It isn’t spraying it with water or dropping it, it’s hitting it with a golf club

  • No one
    No oneDag geleden

    Just upgrade nokia

  • Pradeep Yogi
    Pradeep YogiDag geleden

    Arun did u start taking lessons from jerry rig

  • ArkasiaDrum
    ArkasiaDrumDag geleden

    Poco aluminum? NO. Do you really have to hammer them and smash it with a club. "If you ACCIDDENTALLY hit your rugged phone with a golf club? That's stupid

  • Auxiliary
    AuxiliaryDag geleden

    So nobody is goong to talk about how we get rick rolled?

  • Wolfereen Playz
    Wolfereen PlayzDag geleden

    Am I the only person who saw the rick roll in the background?

  • Grey Astig
    Grey AstigDag geleden

    2.6k rugged phones employees disliked the video.

  • Abhinav
    AbhinavDag geleden

    We have probably seen the next mr.beast. Just without giving away money.

  • Shubh Mittal
    Shubh MittalDag geleden

    He rickrolled us

  • Chaeng Li Rangsha
    Chaeng Li RangshaDag geleden

    Damn this guy even more brutal than Jerry He brought a cheese grater to torture the phones 😩 Btw I wouldn't even start with the golf thing lmao 🤣

  • Hithendra Oruganti
    Hithendra Oruganti2 dagen geleden

    Next time try grating them from the inside of the grater

  • Hithendra Oruganti
    Hithendra Oruganti2 dagen geleden

    Who knows literally nothing about phones, but loves these vids

  • Riken Ardian
    Riken Ardian2 dagen geleden

    12:08 THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE! I'm sure it can be fixed using Flex glue

  • ;hir\aeth -
    ;hir\aeth -2 dagen geleden

    he keeps rick rolling us subtly

  • Russcell Gaming
    Russcell Gaming2 dagen geleden

    Me: Mom i’m hungry Mom: We have food at home Food at home: 6:18

  • Shaun Engelbrecht
    Shaun Engelbrecht2 dagen geleden

    Has the comments section on youtube degraded into a place for people trying to make the "funniest" comment? How about some constructive comments or a debate relating to the video? Not just snowflake one liners?

  • Kleio Cabatingan
    Kleio Cabatingan2 dagen geleden

    i got an add for indestructible case lol

  • orange juice
    orange juice2 dagen geleden

    1:15 god damnit its the 74868296th time i've been rick rolled

  • Benny Keter
    Benny Keter2 dagen geleden

    He Rick rolled us in time 1:13

  • Tyler Mcintosh
    Tyler Mcintosh2 dagen geleden

    We not gonna talk a out rick welsley on the tv

  • Noahgaming 127
    Noahgaming 1272 dagen geleden

    Call Plainrock124 next time you do this

  • Loafy
    Loafy3 dagen geleden

    1:16 who else saw rickroll by Rick astley playing in the background.

  • Bltw.mp4
    Bltw.mp43 dagen geleden

    1:16 f you

  • Abeer'zz Gamin'
    Abeer'zz Gamin'3 dagen geleden

    1:16 we all got Rick rolled.

  • MrBeast ✔️
    MrBeast ✔️3 dagen geleden


  • Johnny Gnida
    Johnny Gnida3 dagen geleden

    Arun lookin cute in those goggles

  • Chaotic Guy
    Chaotic Guy3 dagen geleden

    My man arun be exposing marketing alot

  • Tigeto The Random
    Tigeto The Random3 dagen geleden

    Don't buy any of it, just buy Nokia

  • Rashid Lanjri
    Rashid Lanjri3 dagen geleden

    7:12 a sound familiar to many cab drivers

  • Chiaki Nanami
    Chiaki Nanami3 dagen geleden

    He love rick rolling us. He tries to make it not so obvious

  • Chiaki Nanami
    Chiaki Nanami3 dagen geleden

    He love rick rolling us. He tries to make it not so obvious

  • soumil shrivastva
    soumil shrivastva3 dagen geleden

    This phone from externally are the same as m31 except the 5g

  • siberland animations
    siberland animations4 dagen geleden

    Pasta and grated phone, just like mama used to make

  • Mr J
    Mr J4 dagen geleden

    Yep in those performance rates I'll just buy a mid ranged phone

  • Cadell Rt.S
    Cadell Rt.S4 dagen geleden

    had the armour 5 shattered the screen in a month to find out they don't have replaceable screens, been with samsung since their screen are stronger than these supposed 'indestructible phones'

  • Omar Mammadli
    Omar Mammadli4 dagen geleden


  • Abhishek Singh
    Abhishek Singh4 dagen geleden

    Bro can u please give me one any out of ur collection? 😅😅😅😗

  • Matty B
    Matty B4 dagen geleden

    The only rugged phone I trust is the Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2, and that because they've proven themselves to me personally

  • music
    music4 dagen geleden

    Can u do the same thing with iPhone 12 pro max???

  • Biphase Official
    Biphase Official5 dagen geleden

    1:15 i got rickrolled on the back.... (the tv)

    SPIDER KID5 dagen geleden

    9:38 funniest moment 😂

  • Hristos Mourselas
    Hristos Mourselas5 dagen geleden

    I am 100% ok with my Doogee S40 which I bought for 100$. It has survived many "accidents" that would have destroyed a normal phone.

  • CaptainJay_YT
    CaptainJay_YT5 dagen geleden

    1:16 what the hell's that in the background?

  • James Downes
    James Downes5 dagen geleden

    This dude can make a dollar store mic sound like magic

  • CMDR Budman1ao
    CMDR Budman1ao5 dagen geleden

    watched many of your videos today... I come away with, how many features are just crap fluff... Who actually needs a 64 megapixel camera, in most use cases 8 should be enough. What are the specs that 90% of users actually need?

  • Chill Sodaa

    Chill Sodaa

    4 dagen geleden

    Possibly, big storage, faster processor, bigger ram

  • Destroyer DK Gaming
    Destroyer DK Gaming5 dagen geleden

    I just saw that rick roll when he was showing the adapter on the computer XD

  • Rehaan Riyas
    Rehaan Riyas5 dagen geleden


  • Maeve Karla
    Maeve Karla5 dagen geleden

    The utopian jam thirdly print because anatomy demographically melt worth a statuesque form. adjoining, cagey half-sister

  • Leonides Rivera
    Leonides Rivera5 dagen geleden

    Have you tried Oukitel, Kyocera, Cat rugged phones? It would be nice if you'd smash them paired with iPhone 12 hahaha

  • julian oria
    julian oria5 dagen geleden

    King If Rickrolling 1:16 Why

  • Messenger
    Messenger5 dagen geleden

    Hmm the glass is cracked interesting not like I just hit with a hammer

  • Messenger
    Messenger5 dagen geleden


  • M L G speedwagon
    M L G speedwagon5 dagen geleden

    1:17 omg i got rickrolled

  • Haziq Fawwad
    Haziq Fawwad6 dagen geleden

    *Ah, there goes my weekend plans for playing golf with phones*

  • Diatot Tutorial
    Diatot Tutorial6 dagen geleden

    Rugged phones have always bad spec sheets

  • SlimeCrafterLP
    SlimeCrafterLP6 dagen geleden

    anotger minus point: if yiu have a ruged phone you prob wont use a case, and if it scratches you cant switch it out

  • zavodilan't
    zavodilan't6 dagen geleden

    you shouldve done it like plainrock124, but its still a great video!

  • Anand krishna
    Anand krishna6 dagen geleden

    I love poco x3

  • Anand krishna
    Anand krishna6 dagen geleden

    No one can beat nokia

  • Shiven SONI
    Shiven SONI6 dagen geleden

    what happened to the nokia???

  • Travis Butterworth
    Travis Butterworth6 dagen geleden

    Is it just me or was there a rickroll in the background at 1:16 / 1:17

  • Terminator MKll
    Terminator MKll6 dagen geleden


  • Happy Fox
    Happy Fox6 dagen geleden

    OK, I'm just going to come out and say it... For those that are wanting rugged, don't look into the rugged phones, look into the bargain bins of phones that work, you get a SIM from a provider like Yodelfone or Verizon on a plan but with no phone, then look into their prepaid phone range, if those providers don't have the SIM cards glued in then you can use those phones as disposable if it breaks, just go into the nearest gas station and pick up a new one for *shock and gasp* 20 pounds. Over the course of 24 months you will probably save a lot more with having minor irritations. That's my 2 cents.

  • Simon Krantz 12
    Simon Krantz 127 dagen geleden

    1:17: You just rickrolled us

  • MySub124
    MySub1247 dagen geleden

    2:47 phone: ight im out

  • Tom /Fan account
    Tom /Fan account7 dagen geleden

    What about the CAT phones?

  • KubixTheMiner ,
    KubixTheMiner ,7 dagen geleden

    When someone rick rolled you without you even knowing

  • AnimeChaos40
    AnimeChaos407 dagen geleden

    R I C K R O L L

  • Dylan Cunningham
    Dylan Cunningham7 dagen geleden

    I just got a droplabs ad and you were starring in it

  • Lightning
    Lightning7 dagen geleden

    The Rick roll tho lmao

  • Theneonwolf does stfu
    Theneonwolf does stfu7 dagen geleden

    Amateurs Amateurs -nokia 3310

  • Wesam Hafez
    Wesam Hafez8 dagen geleden

    Idk why but I was dying laughing at 9:38

  • toaster cat
    toaster cat8 dagen geleden


  • Francoise Trembley
    Francoise Trembley8 dagen geleden

    The shut lipstick individually harass because substance scilly wrap underneath a blue-eyed asterisk. alcoholic, one meeting

  • Susie Mckinney
    Susie Mckinney8 dagen geleden

    The ripe tailor regretfully look because room directly allow during a brown grandfather. spiffy, spotted jelly

  • Rayhaan
    Rayhaan8 dagen geleden

    "I've a got a golf club and some phones"_ Arun 2021

  • GlitchyTurtle546
    GlitchyTurtle5468 dagen geleden


  • Bloxygamez
    Bloxygamez8 dagen geleden

    Ik every Vidor ur gonna say goodbye

  • jaiden rowe
    jaiden rowe8 dagen geleden

    1:14 was not expecting a rickroll

  • MysticSecret
    MysticSecret8 dagen geleden

    1:16 we were rickrolled

  • Ethan Forsyth
    Ethan Forsyth9 dagen geleden

    But *this* is a really good and strong phone =(

  • Director Filmz
    Director Filmz9 dagen geleden

  • বিরহ রাত্রী
    বিরহ রাত্রী9 dagen geleden

    11:15 dont look behind the cable thing u will regret it

  • Casillas Tan
    Casillas Tan9 dagen geleden

    Normal people play golf with golf balls. But tech reviewers use mobile devices to play golf.

  • |• Just a normal person •|
    |• Just a normal person •|9 dagen geleden

    "Unbreakable" they are lying. This one is breakable like the original phones.

  • Kingsley  Cyril Utodio
    Kingsley Cyril Utodio9 dagen geleden

    Mrwhosetheboss can you make a review for Ulefone Armour 11

  • Air conditioner
    Air conditioner9 dagen geleden

    I recently discovered this youtuber, ive got to say i cant stop watching. you really explain stuff well, thank you and keep up the content

  • Statos
    Statos9 dagen geleden

    If you want truly rugged phone, is Nokia 3310.

  • Da Panda
    Da Panda9 dagen geleden

    1:16 really