I bought the strangest smartphones ever.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    I think I need to stop making these videos 😂 First episode: nldron.info/work/video/fYqon7W3c2uUsKM Second Episode: nldron.info/work/video/sayIiZzJmp2trIU

  • Bhasker the Robo man

    Bhasker the Robo man

    10 minuten geleden

    @Alejandro Diaz hello :)

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  • Alejandro Diaz

    Alejandro Diaz

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  • Bhasker the Robo man

    Bhasker the Robo man

    4 uur geleden

    @Leshrith Ganji lol

  • Bonny Sheth

    Bonny Sheth

    6 dagen geleden

    Yes u think u should stop

  • C   H   I   M   K   E   N
    C H I M K E NUur geleden

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  • Betting Tips Strategist
    Betting Tips StrategistUur geleden

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    Ashutosh Pareek3 uur geleden

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  • Dr. Sagnik Ghosh
    Dr. Sagnik Ghosh4 uur geleden

    Regarding the first phone he ordered... *Gopi bahuu approves!!!*

  • Galactic Lilfangzz
    Galactic Lilfangzz4 uur geleden

    poor Rick Aaron didn't listed gave him up sad😭😂

  • TheSexyForg
    TheSexyForg4 uur geleden

    Title: buying smartphones Him: buys a mug?!? When did mugs become smartphones?

  • Mario Stevenson
    Mario Stevenson4 uur geleden

    2:45 lol

  • Sean B
    Sean B12 uur geleden

    Aaron, couldn’t help but notice you have nice Guns… 💪🏼 💙

  • V1X3N
    V1X3N20 uur geleden

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max doesn’t come in rose gold though

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    Ira DippelDag geleden

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  • Poisonsword
    PoisonswordDag geleden

    4:48 actually it's been 0.63 seconds

  • John Sinclair
    John SinclairDag geleden

    5:08- "Brootof merde"

  • Darth maul
    Darth maulDag geleden

    When he bought that first phone my brain wtf

  • pak toys
    pak toysDag geleden

    Best vlog

  • Vincent Maier
    Vincent MaierDag geleden

    I just love your new funny style of making videos!

  • • NotCloudy •
    • NotCloudy •Dag geleden

    The beat of you music syncs with the video and channel logo outlines at the end, incredible!

  • YesTheYes
    YesTheYesDag geleden

    the thumbnails price. nice.

  • ABSM
    ABSMDag geleden

    isn't cat a construction company?

  • Dark Kero
    Dark KeroDag geleden

    What will you do with the 'trash' phone you buy it at large quantity amount? Can you recommended cheap wired physical keyboard (otg) ?

  • salem khamis
    salem khamisDag geleden

    15:45 bruh his using the music from journey across japan

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    Alivia OsbsDag geleden

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  • ZeeBag
    ZeeBagDag geleden

    7:37 lol

  • super man
    super manDag geleden

    Anybody else get his smart show ad while watching this vid

  • Nikkie Freaxx
    Nikkie FreaxxDag geleden

    What are you doing with all the stuff you bought? Send it back? Keep all of them?😅

  • WT&GP Animations
    WT&GP Animations2 dagen geleden

    Why'd you by mug its supposed to be smartphones

  • Tandem master
    Tandem master2 dagen geleden

    I'm trying to find that BMW vivo phone but can't find where to buy it it's a really nice phone

  • nichoindo123
    nichoindo1232 dagen geleden


  • TheReal Otaku
    TheReal Otaku2 dagen geleden

    Funny fact i owned both the Galaxy beam 1 and the 2 and i used it for a long time sadly the support was not the best and iam stuck with jellybean Android. Sad story

  • Äsh da psycho
    Äsh da psycho2 dagen geleden

    At 13:37 you can faintly hear the song from the earphones XD 😂

  • braxd miraxinzg
    braxd miraxinzg2 dagen geleden

    What do you do with all these phones?

  • Kobi Cassidy
    Kobi Cassidy2 dagen geleden

    Buy a 50 cent phone

  • Commander Neyo
    Commander Neyo2 dagen geleden

    The only reason I like the thumbnail is because of the 69 in it

  • Awesomity
    Awesomity2 dagen geleden

    Arun doesn't get rickrolled, he gets wishrolled

  • the gaming Lama
    the gaming Lama2 dagen geleden

    I saw a ad with with you on it woah

  • XBOX One
    XBOX One2 dagen geleden


  • jose briceno
    jose briceno2 dagen geleden

    Bro I just got an ad about you when I'm watching you like brooooo

  • Fluffysheep 75
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  • minecraftman
    minecraftman3 dagen geleden

    When the guy wallbang headshots you from the other side of the map: Nahh he’s not hacking, he just has a thermal camera phone

  • Probably a random person
    Probably a random person3 dagen geleden

    “I bought the strangest smartphones in the world” *buys a mug*

  • D#m! Zsoldos
    D#m! Zsoldos3 dagen geleden

    You said "Phone" 12 max while it was Phone i13 max

  • Wanda S
    Wanda S3 dagen geleden

    I would not by tech from aliexpress but for other things I 100% reccommend it

  • simone sionno
    simone sionno4 dagen geleden

    The coca cola phone is rather sussy, innit?

  • Paul Steven
    Paul Steven4 dagen geleden

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    Azrael4 dagen geleden

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  • Azrael
    Azrael4 dagen geleden

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  • katyux
    katyux4 dagen geleden

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    bast Joa4 dagen geleden

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  • sherry Debrey
    sherry Debrey4 dagen geleden

    Wow... this is the most fun video I've ever watched.. thanks 😊

  • Ragnar Kristjansson
    Ragnar Kristjansson4 dagen geleden

    17:57 headphone users go BAPP

  • Sabiha Tuba
    Sabiha Tuba5 dagen geleden

    69 dollar

  • YourAverageSmallContentCreator
    YourAverageSmallContentCreator5 dagen geleden

    the thumbnail lol

  • Alfreds kanal
    Alfreds kanal5 dagen geleden

    Cat dying 5:15

  • Hikikomori
    Hikikomori5 dagen geleden

    6:31 cutest face arun ever made

  • João Victor Trindade dos Santos
    João Victor Trindade dos Santos5 dagen geleden

    Hehe 69

  • shamala devi
    shamala devi6 dagen geleden

    Nice number in thr tumbnail

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    Seri Oreo6 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail be lookin suspicious

  • Purchase Lumière
    Purchase Lumière6 dagen geleden

    Try red magic phones.

  • Peko Puipui
    Peko Puipui6 dagen geleden

    Me when he mentioned you wouldn't want anyone to know right Me: *Instant flashbacks* Ahhh hell naww. Never have I had this kinda memory while taking an exam I remember exactly when it was and exactly what it said. I guess I have a phobia of sponsors to remember it instantly and pause the video.

  • Perry DeLong
    Perry DeLong6 dagen geleden

    crab rave at 5:10 got me

  • Springtrap Gaming
    Springtrap Gaming6 dagen geleden

    Why is it android-os on a macbook?!?

  • Jack White
    Jack White6 dagen geleden

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  • Kavvay Verma
    Kavvay Verma7 dagen geleden

    Dark side or light side Him:Both Me: Darth Kenobi?

  • Ashish Thenayi
    Ashish Thenayi7 dagen geleden

    11:14 is nobody gonna talk about that

  • Ice Gamer
    Ice Gamer7 dagen geleden


  • Ice Gamer
    Ice Gamer7 dagen geleden

    What what’s that song called

  • Nicholas DePonte
    Nicholas DePonte7 dagen geleden

    I have that exactly same knife

  • black gamer
    black gamer7 dagen geleden

    can you help me i really need iPad so can you gift me iPad air and apple pen

  • Karl Krügen
    Karl Krügen7 dagen geleden

    ok. think about this for a second. your location. your o.. *closes browser*

  • April Moody
    April Moody7 dagen geleden

    5:39 Haha

  • VickyV
    VickyV8 dagen geleden

    9:06 .. AND ghosts

  • Howdtis
    Howdtis8 dagen geleden

    There is some no no stuff on there

  • Howdtis
    Howdtis8 dagen geleden

    Please get off my browser history

  • Ouuu a Burger
    Ouuu a Burger8 dagen geleden

    I had same digno rafre but it was named different and was manufactured by Disney and it was also waterproof.

  • Rich Cat
    Rich Cat9 dagen geleden

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  • Rich Cat

    Rich Cat

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    BRIJESH9 dagen geleden

    15:28 ready for break Neighbor's windows

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    nbacivil nba9 dagen geleden

    who else got an IQOO ad watching this?

  • RobloxBoy4375
    RobloxBoy43759 dagen geleden

    9:06 Him: But it is a way of capturing animals and people. Me: *wait wha-*

  • Zach the Creator
    Zach the Creator9 dagen geleden

    35 seconds in allready half the budget

    GOPNIKPRO9 dagen geleden

    Thumbnail: 69$ Me: Nice

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    Shaurya prakash9 dagen geleden

    I watched IQ in video and got an IQ ad too....this brand Is new and cool I guess

  • VanillaCooking
    VanillaCooking9 dagen geleden

    Its been 1 minuite into yhe video and he already spent $3000

  • noimdream
    noimdream10 dagen geleden

    are the puns about subscribing scripted or do you make them up on the spot?

  • XBhutto Gaming
    XBhutto Gaming10 dagen geleden

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  • Chetan Mahar
    Chetan Mahar10 dagen geleden

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    Cookie Blast 952610 dagen geleden

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  • 💜Bønnie the bunny💜
    💜Bønnie the bunny💜10 dagen geleden

    Before I watch this video I literally saw A commercial about smart shoes and you were in it

  • eco plays
    eco plays10 dagen geleden

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