Mi 11 Ultra Review - Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss2 maanden geleden

    Thanks so much for waiting for my video on this one - wanted to make sure it was good! 👊 To check out the worst Tech fails of the decade: nldron.info/work/video/iH-OnLe4nnW8gGg



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  • Toshiro Gaming

    Toshiro Gaming

    7 dagen geleden

    The best way xiaomi do is advertise there product i dont see a commercial on tv or ads on youtube about xiaomi phone thats why this is not so popular but so beast specs

  • Awesome dude

    Awesome dude

    Maand geleden

    Which is better mi 11 ultra or iphone 12 pro max

  • Mr Boxont
    Mr Boxont16 minuten geleden

    That's what she said.

  • Queen Stylishus
    Queen StylishusUur geleden

    Looks weird for me I don’t like it

  • Ezequiel Morales
    Ezequiel Morales2 uur geleden

    0:57 I SAW THAT

  • hz duoduox
    hz duoduox3 uur geleden

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  • Broadway Pixels
    Broadway Pixels3 uur geleden

    This looks so dope.

  • Sam Corona
    Sam Corona4 uur geleden

    It may be all that but does it work on every network in the U.S. ? If you can't use it on every carrier including Verizon...it's a paperweight.

  • ૨αρɦƶσ૨ ყσɳƶσɳ
    ૨αρɦƶσ૨ ყσɳƶσɳ4 uur geleden

    Nope, i am gonna stick with samsung. Not using phones made by chinese companies.

  • Saoif Noobie
    Saoif Noobie4 uur geleden

    chinese propaganda suits the western but not the eastern LOL

  • Sandeep Karkhanis
    Sandeep Karkhanis5 uur geleden

    Mi is worse in software experience and updates, they release Smartwatch and phones then forget about it.

  • David Caleb Paterson
    David Caleb Paterson6 uur geleden

    Samsung paid noob bots will say S21 camera it's better. 🤣🤑🤑🤑

  • Ben Lee
    Ben Lee7 uur geleden

    One thing though. Getting a Samsung flagship will return more coin than a Xiaomi flagship when I decide to sell it 1 year down the road for the next flagship.

  • Hanna Elfar
    Hanna Elfar7 uur geleden

    Can it take shots of the noon?

  • Kevin CHills
    Kevin CHills11 uur geleden

    I'd venture to say that your videos are a benchmark for quality reviews. Above and beyond with compelling perspectives and great presentation. "Oi" 😆

  • Manil Arab
    Manil Arab11 uur geleden

    Xiaomi no killed samsung

  • Moise Kamanzi
    Moise Kamanzi12 uur geleden

    some people really missed thats what she said hahah

  • Say Uncle
    Say Uncle13 uur geleden

    I just wanted to say, I've only now subscribed to you after watching dozens of videos. I honestly wasn't sure if you were just another corporate shill but I think you've finally convinced me otherwise.

  • ian kenneth orquiola
    ian kenneth orquiola17 uur geleden

    New subscriber here!!!! I wish there's a give away!!!!!

  • Bernice Henry
    Bernice Henry19 uur geleden

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  • Gojosatoru;3
    Gojosatoru;320 uur geleden

    4:13 Jimin?😟

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    Thanks for your feedback, for further details or questions WhatsApp +1=2=0=3=4=9=3=1=7=9=9

  • Dev Ningthouja
    Dev NingthoujaDag geleden

    Instead of ban .. it will be better if they improve and lower thier price then everyone will be on the same page.. I will buy which is suitable for me 😎

  • olosnah1
    olosnah1Dag geleden

    people forget China subsidies the Xiami and all its devices. if you love China... go for it. If you understand China's Goals... Boycott Xiami and ALL Chinese companies

  • olosnah1
    olosnah1Dag geleden

    Xiami.... cool but owned by China... Never! not even Free. I will not buy China tech that copies everything i do to China. if we could block the "China issue" i would switch.

  • Brindha Reddy ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭
    Brindha Reddy ⟭⟬ ⟬⟭Dag geleden

    4;13 that's DNA BY BTS lol

  • Boby G
    Boby GDag geleden

    Love that Xiomi is improving the tech market on smartphones and they are way cheaper in most cases

  • Tigeto The Random
    Tigeto The RandomDag geleden

    Cool..... Now give me one

  • ARAF popo
    ARAF popoDag geleden

    Xiaomi: Kills Samsung My Tablet: NEVER DEAD😎

  • Rabi Ayeni
    Rabi AyeniDag geleden

    Hi mr whostheboss

  • Maruthu Pandiyan
    Maruthu PandiyanDag geleden

    Samsung is the best.Period..

  • Labham Jain
    Labham JainDag geleden

    Title: "Xiaomi just KILLED Samsung!?" Ad: "Samsung M32"... nice

  • winnie wiglet
    winnie wigletDag geleden

    I've just got the mi 10T pro What is the point in recording 8k video because you can't play 8k lol

  • excited box
    excited boxDag geleden

    Ceramic is harder than glass. I like that it is not trying to half ass the camera. It is a multimedia device and not a phone with a camera. The camera needs a software update to fix the colors etc. but the camera tech is better.

  • Sophia
    SophiaDag geleden

    I saw BTS ;)

  • Brufeen
    BrufeenDag geleden

    0:58 That's what she said! Thank me later

  • Akiri Su
    Akiri SuDag geleden

    I got rickrolled And i hate and love it at the same time

  • Vasu Bontha
    Vasu BonthaDag geleden

    Wat about the radiation levels of Chinese phones vs Samsung??

  • Bible King
    Bible KingDag geleden

    This man look soo cute😘

  • Greg Holland
    Greg HollandDag geleden

    Wow this is an extremely well produced video

  • Nintenblox Shorts
    Nintenblox ShortsDag geleden

    I wanna buy it so bad but 1. Im poor and 2. Its not being sold in america

  • TheBluePerspective
    TheBluePerspectiveDag geleden

    Loved it

  • Oğuz Kaan Turan
    Oğuz Kaan TuranDag geleden

    3.13 %3 and %1 phone charge. How much minutes used for doing this video?

  • Oğuz Kaan Turan
    Oğuz Kaan TuranDag geleden

    3.13 %3 and %1 phone charge. How much minutes used for doing this video?

  • InLope
    InLopeDag geleden

    where do you find the backround music that you used in this video?

  • Bewear
    Bewear2 dagen geleden

    S21 still put on a fight, even though it's older

  • Dani Dinew
    Dani Dinew2 dagen geleden

    the hammer caught me offguard

  • lavanith max
    lavanith max2 dagen geleden

    They all less compared to Apple's iPhones

  • yache bibim
    yache bibim2 dagen geleden

    Well, theres a 3 month of a time period between the 2 phones. Imo 3 months is a long time. I think that if Samsung just doesn't follow the *cough* "eco friendly policy" it will still be on track.

  • biju vs
    biju vs2 dagen geleden

    Trying hard to ape western anchors

  • DIVYANSH Dhoke
    DIVYANSH Dhoke2 dagen geleden

    It just copied not killed

  • Justin Patterson
    Justin Patterson2 dagen geleden

    My friend bought the S21 Ultra. He absolutely loves the camera on it.

  • NaZmuL HaQuE
    NaZmuL HaQuE2 dagen geleden

    they r not killer... samsung has some unique features

  • Red October
    Red October2 dagen geleden

    Well, not buying any smartphone of Chinese brand.

  • Ahash Fernando
    Ahash Fernando2 dagen geleden

    Yeah that's right you should just watch the redmi official unpack event.

    RAINER MARCHAN2 dagen geleden


  • Nanozee
    Nanozee2 dagen geleden

    I think you should do an unboxing video on the Xiaomi MI 11 Pro as this phone is just as good :)

  • Ndoye Philip Ndula
    Ndoye Philip Ndula2 dagen geleden

    Love the way you speak dude Ooh and amazing review videos too

  • Chiptooth
    Chiptooth2 dagen geleden

    Did you say this phone only records for 15 seconds?

  • Rida Shahzad
    Rida Shahzad2 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else see bts DNA at 4:12

  • travis smikle
    travis smikle2 dagen geleden

    21 ultra for the win, using a piece of hardware for years that you know and trust then switched to one that is replicating that same device and pushing all its features to the extreme sounds like a recipe for disaster

    DARKNESS2 dagen geleden

    Sumsung with a comeback I have anime assistant

  • Anonimous mc
    Anonimous mc2 dagen geleden

    Good specification but buggy phone A52 is better phone

  • Karoshi
    Karoshi2 dagen geleden

    After watching almost all his videos I realized he's rickrolled us in all those videos

  • Wanderer
    Wanderer2 dagen geleden

    Whenever you buy Xiaomi, a part of your money goes to China.

  • Karoshi
    Karoshi2 dagen geleden

    "Why are those so big" That's what she said

  • Maxim Amurov
    Maxim Amurov2 dagen geleden

    4:15 This killed me 🤣

  • adarsh gopinathan
    adarsh gopinathan2 dagen geleden

    Sharp Aquos R6

  • Aeromatic Creations
    Aeromatic Creations2 dagen geleden

    Which would you choose? Iphone or Samsung?

  • Aeromatic Creations
    Aeromatic Creations2 dagen geleden

    Great review!

  • Ho Mi E
    Ho Mi E3 dagen geleden

    Mi11 ultra is good 👍 and can be better

  • Werner No Burner
    Werner No Burner3 dagen geleden


  • Rodneil Manuel
    Rodneil Manuel3 dagen geleden

    Hi i am from philippines and this day is my birthday and can i receive a gift any type of phone for my online class Thank you so much

  • Cody E.
    Cody E.3 dagen geleden

    DId i get rick rolled in this video.....

  • Quinula
    Quinula3 dagen geleden

    5:01 he always tries to rickroll us

  • RPG and Horror lover Hans
    RPG and Horror lover Hans3 dagen geleden

    are a hunk, your body looks fantastic man, that's one more advantage when watching your videos haha thanks

  • RPG and Horror lover Hans
    RPG and Horror lover Hans3 dagen geleden

    But i still think One UI is still better and easy to use and more eye candy, i can't see myself using other phones just because this only reason

  • 유보라
    유보라3 dagen geleden

    삼성 그만 따라해라!

  • glitch playz
    glitch playz3 dagen geleden


  • Ahmad Arain
    Ahmad Arain3 dagen geleden

    My dream phone🥺

  • Sina Shahriary
    Sina Shahriary3 dagen geleden

    All this wont change the fact that you still use Samsung S21 @mrwhosetheboss 🤣🤣🤟

  • Mark Anthony Alvarado
    Mark Anthony Alvarado3 dagen geleden

    Even if you posted 100x that xiomi killed Samsung , ztill Samsung is the top aeller of android phone lols hahaha

  • Jose Nino
    Jose Nino3 dagen geleden

    Camera is not a problem because majority of owners will buy a protective case.

  • Thor 808
    Thor 8083 dagen geleden

    I am done with any Chinese phone. It isn't if but when will Xiaomi will go way of Huawei. Chinese hasn't fixed problems with Huawei, it is systemic to all Chinese phones. Why risk that? Beat Samsung? Xiaomi to me is a Apple wannabe using Samsung-like parts. OK Xiaomi does use some Samsung parts sometimes.

  • bijay sahoo
    bijay sahoo3 dagen geleden

    China killed millions of ppl round the globe with its bio weapon, wuhan virus. #BitcottChineseBrands

  • Adithyan adhi
    Adithyan adhi3 dagen geleden

    Please give away to me your mi11 ultra I can't afford this flagship phones so please help me. I loved your video 🥰🥰

  • Skanda Kumar
    Skanda Kumar3 dagen geleden

    Dude.. You got to be kidding me😂. Xiomi killed Samsung.. Lol.. What a title. Comparing rags with riches and there are people watching this🤦‍♂️

  • OverTune 247
    OverTune 2473 dagen geleden

    0:57 i see u

  • Ayon Legendz
    Ayon Legendz3 dagen geleden

    My 2020 phone having 5020 mAh... Is that bad?

    FULL MOVIES3 dagen geleden


  • Nirmalya Koley
    Nirmalya Koley3 dagen geleden

    Bro please give me the mi 11 ultra. I will pay

  • Henson Kwong
    Henson Kwong3 dagen geleden

    Had mine repaired twice already, bat not charging, apparently both are battery issues

  • Neiphre Miachieo
    Neiphre Miachieo4 dagen geleden

    How did I never see this guy till now......and I think I'm just watching this video to hear his voice ( which is just so soothing and sexy)

  • Haris Devedzic
    Haris Devedzic4 dagen geleden

    People will stil buy Samsumg more 😆 Anyway, not many people can afford these flagships

  • burak bakioğlu
    burak bakioğlu4 dagen geleden


    XSURITOX4 dagen geleden


  • Guy Sandler
    Guy Sandler4 dagen geleden

    Why do I keep on seeing your sound shoes ad!

  • Faheem Saiyed
    Faheem Saiyed4 dagen geleden

    Power bricks are literally becoming the size of bricks !!!!

  • p. s.
    p. s.4 dagen geleden

    Most advanced phone Rick roll?

  • AVISHKA ariyarathna
    AVISHKA ariyarathna4 dagen geleden


  • Andrei Secan
    Andrei Secan4 dagen geleden

    The 10K dislikes are Samsung