OnePlus 9 & 9 Pro REVIEW

Unboxing + Review of OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro - inc. camera test, battery, specs and features. Full camera comparison vs S21 Ultra tomorrow!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss2 maanden geleden

    Tried a new editing style for this one! Did you find it engaging? 🤔 To see my (brutal) video on Honest Smartphone commercials:

  • Pratik Gaikwad

    Pratik Gaikwad

    6 dagen geleden

    Give me one please 🥺

  • MR .Surender

    MR .Surender

    23 dagen geleden

    help my life. this time of covid virus life is hard. my income can't cover my monthly needs. PAYPAL @ariswdodo Thank you very much my brother.😔😔😔😔 for the help I thank you

  • Yash Karena

    Yash Karena

    25 dagen geleden

    Please give me one phone please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please 🙏

  • Shahed Mahbub

    Shahed Mahbub

    29 dagen geleden

    Mrwhosetheboss, please take a look at One plus' customer support and after sales services. While repair services are something most consumers dont have to think about when they purchase flagship phones, when something does go wrong, support becomes critical. 1. RMA'd my 3 month old one plus 8 pro (System files kept eating up all empty space). 2. They sent it back without fixing anything and ripped off the liquid gel protector. 4. The repair center never closed out the repair ticket, so cannot send it back to get it fixed (again). 5. One plus offered my a loaner phone for $100 deposit. No recourse for paying customers! Left with $900 paperweight.

  • kani


    Maand geleden

    how did u do the intro??????

  • TooSlowMate
    TooSlowMateDag geleden

    I need this. . . . .💔

  • Muhammad Mustak
    Muhammad Mustak3 dagen geleden


  • darkki
    darkki4 dagen geleden

    I would say with that price they are above midrange.

    PARTH AGARWAL5 dagen geleden

    0:02-0:04 Imagine he dropped the pro

  • Statsify
    Statsify5 dagen geleden

    Another unboxer didn’t get cases in the phone box 🤣

  • Wen Mag
    Wen Mag7 dagen geleden

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  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez7 dagen geleden

    Play fortnight (:

  • IcWhy
    IcWhy7 dagen geleden

    After owning the Oneplus 6 (the best phone I ever had) I bought the very expensive Samsung S10+ at release, never again 2 years later everything on the phone is broken from a lose charging port to a failing digitizer. Horrible preinstalled bloatware every system update. Locked bootloader to stop Rooting. Insane battery drain. A usseles bixby button.Easy breakable edged screen. Very bad camera due to bad software bugs. OS add push notifications. the list is endless... Safe to say I wil be buying the Oneplus 9 and I won't be dissapointed.

  • Huustekd
    Huustekd9 dagen geleden

    Id buy the nord 2 rather

  • Akshay Juneja
    Akshay Juneja12 dagen geleden

    Milo is sooooo cuteeeee😍

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali12 dagen geleden

    That's some vibrant underwear

  • wapang lkr
    wapang lkr12 dagen geleden

    I would literally negotiate and buy one plus 9 pro from this amazing guy instead of buying from the store... Feels authentic whatever that he touches .

  • Taniya Singh
    Taniya Singh13 dagen geleden

    One plus 9 R ??? And does the 9 series is water resistant??? And wireless charging for 9r to ????

  • Gopi Sumanth
    Gopi Sumanth14 dagen geleden

    Ig he is the most favourite foreign tech youtuber

  • Mc Gurke
    Mc Gurke14 dagen geleden

    I want this T-shirt

  • Marco Cruz
    Marco Cruz14 dagen geleden

    I don't like the color options for the 9's

  • Marco Cruz
    Marco Cruz14 dagen geleden

    Style wise the 8/8 pro series looks a lot better.

  • Humayun Hussain
    Humayun Hussain15 dagen geleden

    Bruh, my phone is great with detail, but skin tones are not accurate, my iphone 11 has such great skintones which feel natural, if one plus fix skin tones really just copy apple and improve selfie skintones, no phone could beat this capable smartphone camera. If you could email this request to OnePlus that would be a great help to all of us

  • Habib Ullah
    Habib Ullah15 dagen geleden

    Oppo find X3, OnePlus 9 pro or the note 20 ultra?

  • The Guy From Walgreens
    The Guy From Walgreens16 dagen geleden

    You are the perfect marketer for SurfShark. Another great video. I keep your videos in mind when I look for the next phone I want, but don’t need.

  • mdegraaf89
    mdegraaf8917 dagen geleden

    You should do an “after the updates” review. It seems that a lot of “problems” are now fixed or improved upon. Cheers, love the vids mate

  • flawless curl
    flawless curl20 dagen geleden

    In my country base OnePlus 9 is 3699 that's expensive!

  • Vasanth S
    Vasanth S20 dagen geleden

    I watch every video of mrwhosethwboss

  • VekeTheGamer
    VekeTheGamer20 dagen geleden

    I just bought 8 pro like 6 months ago

  • Sujay Jadhao
    Sujay Jadhao21 dag geleden

    NLdronr with the smoothest voice ever.

  • Jashanth.N Gowda
    Jashanth.N Gowda22 dagen geleden

    Hey Guys, since the launch of OP9 series I was reading, hearing negative feedbacks about the brand and product. I'm currently using OP9 Pro it's been 3 back to back updates. OP has really worked hard to resolve most of the issues and till date I have not faced and single issues what you guys are writing all over the social media pages of OP. I don't understand why people are simply telling bad about such amazing product. Probably OP 9 Pro is best camera phone with other fabulous features. I'm really happy about this product and OnePlus as a brand. So I got one thing to tell all the heaters who are simply telling or spreading negative feedbacks about the brand, please use the product and give some time to developer's to fix things. Keep calm & have patience guy's. #happyoneplususer #oneplus

  • Velis Patel

    Velis Patel

    15 dagen geleden

    What about the battery life, notifications delay and heating issue? Are they still there ? Also why some reviewers claiming oneplus 9 is performing better than 9pro? May I know your experience about the same?

  • Keith Chai
    Keith Chai23 dagen geleden

    600 euro and u can get a mi11 same specs with harman kardon sound systems why bother oneplus with the "hasselblad" watermark photos???? Oneplus is like my least favorite android out there. All copy with no character but always overpriced for a company that didnt do any innovations or marketing unlike samsung or xiaomi.

  • MR .Surender
    MR .Surender23 dagen geleden

    help my life. this time of covid virus life is hard. my income can't cover my monthly needs. PAYPAL @ariswdodo Thank you very much my brother.😔😔😔😔 for the help I thank you

  • Biju Thanikkal
    Biju Thanikkal24 dagen geleden

    Not good enough ;) Njangade @Callmeshazzzam paranjalo.

  • Masi Karimi
    Masi Karimi24 dagen geleden

    Nonetheless, they're great phones. Really appreciate it!

  • Swag Bangali Swag Young boys
    Swag Bangali Swag Young boys25 dagen geleden


  • husky GAMING
    husky GAMING25 dagen geleden

    I love your t-shirt, bruv

  • random cat
    random cat26 dagen geleden

    He's wearing me

  • Darsh P
    Darsh P26 dagen geleden

    OnePlus isn't good now. End of story

  • Adipta Das
    Adipta Das28 dagen geleden

    Please make videos on mid range phones also

  • QchenJunge
    QchenJunge28 dagen geleden

    a quick question: should i wait for the google pixel 6? because of new chip. or is the oneplus 9/9 pro a better choice?

  • Chen Levy

    Chen Levy

    26 dagen geleden

    If you can wait id wait for OP9 pro T which will : get you android 12 . you will be eligible to get 2 versions which means the android 13,14 .... the 9 pro(non T) came with 11 which means you get 12 and 13...

  • Anmol540
    Anmol54029 dagen geleden

    Cool shirt

  • Arindam Dutta
    Arindam Dutta29 dagen geleden

  • My Adventures
    My Adventures29 dagen geleden

    The phone is not worth the price. Older phones update is totally fucked up. They are trying to make people buy new phones by gives crappy updates.

  • Skywayz Zarthic
    Skywayz Zarthic29 dagen geleden

    I got a mrwhosetheboss ad before the video

  • Peter Haseotes
    Peter Haseotes29 dagen geleden

    I'm watching this video on my OnePlus 8T

  • jack ford
    jack fordMaand geleden

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  • Milan Sharma
    Milan SharmaMaand geleden

    Oneplus = flagship killer no more ... They are getting costlier each year

  • Adnan Khan
    Adnan KhanMaand geleden

    Arun, would u please do a comparison between one plus 8 pro and 9. We need to know which one is a better and more economical option.

  • Nabila Food
    Nabila FoodMaand geleden

    Nice ❤️❤️👍

  • B B
    B BMaand geleden

    Why couldn't they keep that screen flat

  • Blaze Penguin
    Blaze PenguinMaand geleden

    the background people are my favorite characters

  • beta san
    beta sanMaand geleden

    *throw* *throw* bad for my anxiety

  • Tekn010933
    Tekn010933Maand geleden

    One 9 Pro support VoLTE?

  • Malik “lav” Beganovic
    Malik “lav” BeganovicMaand geleden


  • Big Ace
    Big AceMaand geleden

    I’m late af but that was the smoothest intro to a phone video I have ever seen. Had to rewatch the first 10 secs. 😂😂

  • MntPlayz
    MntPlayzMaand geleden

    Do every one plus phone comparison

  • Parker Spradling
    Parker SpradlingMaand geleden

    How come my oneplus 9 didn't come with a case?

  • JZ
    JZMaand geleden

    Have a feeling Hasselblad is just an advertisement on the phones, a way to reduce costs for OnePlus.

  • KriT1KaL
    KriT1KaLMaand geleden

    Whyyyy again this android simple menu? WHy?????

  • Marianna Sun
    Marianna SunMaand geleden

    milo has my heart

  • George M
    George MMaand geleden

    I love the curved screens! I hate that Samsung kept the curved screen only for its very expensive S21 Ultra! I also like the One Plus 9 Pro's curved screen!

  • just sb
    just sbMaand geleden

    Yea in Greece the op 9 costs 850€! Literally 100 € more than the s21

  • Michael Hatch
    Michael HatchMaand geleden

    0-100 more likely? lol

  • David Mednar
    David MednarMaand geleden

    Tribe Gaming NLdronrs should watch that vid 😂

  • Matthew Blower
    Matthew BlowerMaand geleden

    I almost cringed at the start when he was thrown the phone

  • Matthew Blower

    Matthew Blower

    Maand geleden

    @Skyro I'm not saying I'm a hater I just said something that I wanted to that so wrong?

  • Ananya Dey
    Ananya DeyMaand geleden

    Do a OnePlus 9R video please

  • Bhadresh
    BhadreshMaand geleden

    Apart from the earphones that oneplus has never given. Wow

  • Iven samy
    Iven samyMaand geleden

    Everytime, I have to skip 3 annoying ads just to watch your videos🤦‍♂️

  • Satpal Teotia
    Satpal TeotiaMaand geleden

    How to fix the DPI value of phone, i set it to 1000 and now my phone screen is black... please help.

  • Quinn Enestvedt
    Quinn EnestvedtMaand geleden


  • Ashley P
    Ashley PMaand geleden

    The 9 pro sells for 1500+ in Canada. Same price as all the only phone companies.

  • MillieIsNotHere
    MillieIsNotHereMaand geleden

    Everyone :**talking about the video** Me : **noticing the cat meme on his shirt** (☉。☉)!

  • Dixit Chawla
    Dixit ChawlaMaand geleden

    Sir please review the OnePlus 9R too!

  • Pallab Roy
    Pallab RoyMaand geleden

    Can you do unboxing for 9R?

  • Muntha 2 pro
    Muntha 2 proMaand geleden

    Hello, yes, I would like to have a smartphone for learning online, can you give me one?♥️🙏

  • krokodilen31
    krokodilen31Maand geleden

    The curved screens and all glass design might make me look for other brands......

  • Simmo
    SimmoMaand geleden

    Oneplus lost me after the 6T.

  • Sanju Techy Vlogs
    Sanju Techy VlogsMaand geleden

    Nice editting brooii

  • Umar Anas

    Umar Anas

    16 dagen geleden

    Ente mone

  • Aabel Jude

    Aabel Jude

    Maand geleden

    ഹലോ 🤣

  • André Retallack
    André RetallackMaand geleden

    8:21 Why could you do this to me???

  • Muhammad Hassan Official
    Muhammad Hassan OfficialMaand geleden

  • Karthik Sankar
    Karthik SankarMaand geleden

    Does some know the name of first background music

  • EXOTIC1011
    EXOTIC1011Maand geleden

    the edeting is dope, like it.

  • Frosted Slime
    Frosted SlimeMaand geleden

    OnePlus is one of those brands you just can't seem to go wrong with. They are getting pricey, but you get what you pay for. If you want cheap from OnePlus, buy a Nord.

  • RHK V3 NOM
    RHK V3 NOMMaand geleden

    Is there reverse wireless charging in OnePlus 9???

  • juhub j
    juhub jMaand geleden

    𝖙𝖚 𝖇𝖈

  • Elias Pitkäaho
    Elias PitkäahoMaand geleden

    bro please review oneplus Nord N100

  • Neel Suthar
    Neel SutharMaand geleden

    6:11 I can see that. (unboxing the One Plus 9 box)

  • Sole wolf
    Sole wolfMaand geleden

    that shirt tho lol

  • Devv Nandan V
    Devv Nandan VMaand geleden

    OnePlus 9 =10

  • Lemuel Simon Lopez
    Lemuel Simon LopezMaand geleden

    xiaomi mi 11 or op 9 pro? for gaming purposes, what phone do you recommend.

  • Spaceman Spaceman
    Spaceman SpacemanMaand geleden


  • hondenul
    hondenulMaand geleden

    oppo is oneplus same company

  • Apocrita
    ApocritaMaand geleden

    Can we still trust youtube reviews who received (specifically selected) review units and at what point are they actually more marketing than review (compared to reading a spec sheet)? I'm seeing messages pop up left, right and center about rampant battery drain and overheating issues of the 9Pro . None of the big names seem to have had an issue or are reporting on it. Guess they got a lucky unit or maybe the reports are a vocal minority?

  • Lalit Patil
    Lalit PatilMaand geleden

    Can u make one video about oneplus 9r?

  • Surgical Power
    Surgical PowerMaand geleden

    11:39 he wrote mrwhosetheuncle😂

  • pranav raaj
    pranav raajMaand geleden

    It seems your review is genuine but I didn't see you mentioning that OnePlus 9 don't have OIS in their main camera. After all a flagship phone without OIS... You've should have mentioned it as many of them were unaware (Including me until now) tends to buy phones based on reviews

  • Arzoo Khan
    Arzoo KhanMaand geleden

    Please 🙏 you speak in Hindi

  • Allan Lam
    Allan LamMaand geleden

    Been your subscriber for a long time. Followed your advice and picked up a OnePlus 9 5G. I am disappointed big time as OnePlus did not include the free case. I had a OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren and it had a free case. Anyway, could you send me one? Perhaps a pair of OnePlus buds too?!

  • Ofentse Matlaila
    Ofentse MatlailaMaand geleden

    What do you do with these phones after the review

  • Tyrell Corbin
    Tyrell CorbinMaand geleden

    I love one plus.

  • Riyaz Tech
    Riyaz TechMaand geleden

    Oneplus 9 pro vs 8T which should I buy?

  • 123tgw
    123tgwMaand geleden

    An engaging host and presentation in many ways. Some caveats: says "but"and waves his arms about incessantly. And a tad precious, perhaps? The comedy stuff is hit and miss, ie, things dropping from above, etc. Generally knowledgeable and watchable though.

  • chunchunmaru
    chunchunmaruMaand geleden

    Watching this on one Plus 9r hmm intresting