Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison.

A different kind of smartphone camera comparison - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - including 8K, 4k video, zoom test, night mode, microphone quality, slow mo + more!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss5 maanden geleden

    I've tried a LOT of new things for this camera comparison to try and make it more interesting to watch - so any feedback you have would be super useful so we can take this to the next level! Also, if you liked this video, then do consider checking out my Battery life comparison too!

  • hsjsjsjsj


    11 dagen geleden

    Pls give me😭😭😭😭

  • Buddhika Senaratne

    Buddhika Senaratne

    24 dagen geleden

    Please do more camera comparisons - This are the best comparison I've ever seen🥴👊👊👊📸😎🤩

  • ranu veer

    ranu veer

    Maand geleden

    Do another video on OP9 pro with its latest software updates, thanks

  • only dream

    only dream

    Maand geleden

    The rickRoller

  • Elyite .y

    Elyite .y

    Maand geleden

    I like your explanation

  • gween
    gween5 uur geleden

    0:35 did we just get rickrolled

  • Jordan Mac
    Jordan Mac6 uur geleden

    Thanks again! Going to grab the iphone - All about the video :)

  • CoSmOs
    CoSmOs9 uur geleden

    Wait for 13

    JISHNU PATRA9 uur geleden

    I am Samsung lover.

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover12 uur geleden

    This was a biased video, I ain't getting samsung.

  • Arise Shine
    Arise Shine14 uur geleden

    very informative, thanks a bunch. which would you recommend for videoing?

  • Robert J Sledz
    Robert J Sledz16 uur geleden

    Portrait shows a very negligible look

  • Robert J Sledz
    Robert J Sledz16 uur geleden

    I'm going for the S21 this week vs a decade of IPhone !! I love your comparison. You sold me!!

  • Princess Eden
    Princess Eden17 uur geleden

    The toxic iPhone users are screaming rn😀

  • Yoshi Paul
    Yoshi Paul17 uur geleden

    0:35 never gonna give you up

  • Adam Lakatos
    Adam Lakatos19 uur geleden

    Why is my 8k video logging? Someone help

  • Sam Atkinson
    Sam Atkinson20 uur geleden

    Is it just me or does he always have his left shoulder pixelated in the background

    AAMIR ALIDag geleden

    i watch in 144p no different

  • Arjun S
    Arjun SDag geleden

    okay,specs are great on samsung.but on a daily to daily basis most of the people wont use all of the cameras in a samsung. and coming to the cameras and modes most of us use, apple got that covered pretty descend.

  • Hihumi Miroku
    Hihumi MirokuDag geleden

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  • Cole Simon
    Cole SimonDag geleden

    2:59 schewpid oi phorne

  • Danny Shushan
    Danny ShushanDag geleden

    Very useful and fan review! Personally My highest priority is portraiture of my children…. So I’v got mu answer…..

  • AfroKidster
    AfroKidsterDag geleden

    If any of y'all are wanting to switch to Samsung and need the motivation, switch. Literally the best phone I've ever had. Camera is perfect battery life perfect. I heavily watch memes and vids at work where I work 12 hour shifts and battery has not died on me once. The crazy refresh rate of the screen is amazing. If you're q gamer you'll notice.

  • Kubi
    KubiDag geleden

    Where are the samsung pixel jokes at huh!? Thought so.

    CHEN TZE KWAN MoeDag geleden

    S21 ultra vs Mi 11 ultra

  • Masters Student 82
    Masters Student 82Dag geleden

    0:45 the vast majority of people don't care for or use those extra features, they have no need or interest in it. That is pure gimmick which is why Apple doesn't bother implementing this kind of thing.

  • Say Uncle

    Say Uncle

    13 uur geleden

    How wrong you are.

  • Darren Schroeder
    Darren SchroederDag geleden

    For those of us who are interested in the final Print, take some shots specifically to print out and show the difference between a good cell phone print and a print made from a high end dslr or an analog camera of any format. Photos are physical objects and not just wa wa electronic pixels in space. Can they really be actual image cameras that a Cartier-Bresson could gloat over or are they just expensive electronic toys designed only for immediate gratification and the pixilation of a digital and never quite physically tangible world. I don't mean for it to sound to snarky but I am really would like to know.

  • Rahul Vishwakarma
    Rahul VishwakarmaDag geleden

    Samsung is best

  • SlayerFN
    SlayerFNDag geleden

    I have a 48 mp cam

  • mostakim ali
    mostakim aliDag geleden

    Samsung ❤❤

  • Borhanuddin Rubel
    Borhanuddin RubelDag geleden

    Apple is making the mistake which Apple's Competitors made in the beginning... Underestimating the features their rivals are providing... Btw,I think Apple is being sold mostly on a face value....Like Nokia,it's previous nemesis..

  • Wigadama
    Wigadama2 dagen geleden

    *_Just live. Do not give up! Everything will be alright! You are alive, healthy, loved and happy. I wish you that it was always like this!_*

  • Plunder Bob
    Plunder Bob2 dagen geleden

    Its was fun :) and fair i would say.

  • kevon gardner
    kevon gardner2 dagen geleden

    That Jamaica flag in the back 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • Yan
    Yan2 dagen geleden

    Good afternoon! Huge greetings from Russia! I recently bought myself an iPhone 12 with 21 ultras. I can say that both phones are great, but from the photo part Samsung made a huge breakthrough absolutely agree with you! Very beautiful places, I love England. You have a very good informative vlog. Thank you very much.

  • Mihir Trar . Special
    Mihir Trar . Special2 dagen geleden

    I know, the best quality camera phone is that with which you shoot your videos . 😁😁

  • David Amora
    David Amora2 dagen geleden

    S21 Ultra is better. I would choose it over Iphone 12

  • Smith Jackson

    Smith Jackson

    2 dagen geleden

    With the help of drex_hacks on ig received my stuff successful with no delay or complain message now before it will be late

  • Kevin Morales
    Kevin Morales2 dagen geleden

    I mean yeah Samsung wins. But if you take a closer look, it is because they are literally trying so hard and throwing every huge thing they can think of. Where Apple is not even trying so hard and their camera game is always on top 😎

  • Blessed Mukau
    Blessed Mukau2 dagen geleden

    Samsung has many amazing features

  • Phxmaell *
    Phxmaell *3 dagen geleden

    Me watching this on 240p: _I N T E R E S T I N G_

  • jcg asher

    jcg asher

    2 dagen geleden


  • Keziah
    Keziah3 dagen geleden

    Please do a camera comparison of mi 11 ultra with the other best camera smartphones

  • Хумоюн Мехридинов
    Хумоюн Мехридинов3 dagen geleden

    I think S21 is the best

  • Mercy Roby
    Mercy Roby3 dagen geleden

    I love Samsung 😍🤩😘😎😃

  • Smith Jackson

    Smith Jackson

    2 dagen geleden

    With the help of drex_hacks on ig received my stuff successful with no delay or complain message now before it will be late

  • Samarth Guleria
    Samarth Guleria3 dagen geleden

    Google pixel4 kicks in#!@#*(

  • Lejzik
    Lejzik3 dagen geleden

    watching on my s21 ultra

  • Md Humayun
    Md Humayun3 dagen geleden

    Samsung always best.

  • no name
    no name3 dagen geleden

    iphone: Everytime very expensive, everytime very bad phone.....

  • Smith Jackson

    Smith Jackson

    2 dagen geleden

    With the help of drex_hacks on ig received my stuff successful with no delay or complain message now before it will be late..

  • MegaMagoogoo
    MegaMagoogoo3 dagen geleden

    the only thing what apple cares about is rip out the money for crap as much as possible

  • Atak Na Batak
    Atak Na Batak4 dagen geleden

    I have a problem with my camera on S21 ultra... I have a green dot and i dont know how to fix that...! Help ♥️

  • Cynthia Wallace
    Cynthia Wallace4 dagen geleden

    I have been watching your reviews for months I got my galaxy 21 ultra yesterday happy happy happy thanks

  • Maria Clara Rosa Nascimento
    Maria Clara Rosa Nascimento4 dagen geleden

    I really appreciated this video

  • Jenise Campbell
    Jenise Campbell4 dagen geleden

    The thoughtless sidecar unfortunatly spoil because vietnam antenatally disappear plus a breakable ruth. acidic, rambunctious retailer

  • Marius Eldevik
    Marius Eldevik4 dagen geleden

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  • TheReal Peter226
    TheReal Peter2264 dagen geleden

    the audio was miles better on the samsung, you actually sounded like how you sound to us in videos, I have no clue why you put it as a draw

  • Saharsh Shah
    Saharsh Shah4 dagen geleden

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  • morjina khatun
    morjina khatun4 dagen geleden

    This is fake video

  • Leilani Byars
    Leilani Byars4 dagen geleden

    Great video! I’m going back to Samsung. Idk why I bought this Promax🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Tomas Modrovsky
    Tomas Modrovsky4 dagen geleden

    Hmmm, yeah....still boring... 😂😂😂 nah mate, great comparison 👍 thx

  • iansiguaYTPH1234 Sigua
    iansiguaYTPH1234 Sigua5 dagen geleden

    0:35 we didn’t know we are rick rolled

  • Alma Morrow
    Alma Morrow5 dagen geleden

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    RAINBOW BHARAT5 dagen geleden

    Samsung is really closing in should be aware of it

  • hot blaze
    hot blaze5 dagen geleden

    Both phones have great cameras

  • Wafaii Kim
    Wafaii Kim5 dagen geleden

    this video is really helpful. thank you.

  • Aronbg
    Aronbg5 dagen geleden

    Lovely video

  • Et53han P
    Et53han P5 dagen geleden

    Also the 12 pro max got 6gb of ram 128gb of space but the s21 ultra got 8gb of ram and 256gb of space

  • Florea Mihai
    Florea Mihai6 dagen geleden

    He rickrolled us

  • callon541
    callon5416 dagen geleden

    @05:43 The Iphone12 video footage seems to have some sort of beauty filter that that smooths out pores and moles. Its very obvious in video clips. Everything looks so smothered and clean in the Iphone12 video. It even clips off the edge lines on the cheeks of your beard. If the Iphone12 has a feature to turn off the beauty filter, that makes this video a very unfair comparison.

  • Serenova
    Serenova6 dagen geleden

    I have a Note20 Ultra that I got at the end of 2020. I got it SPECIFICALLY for the cameras. I take photos for work and having that quality of camera (aka pro mode) in my pocket is invaluable. Over the last few months, they've actually brought a lot of the camera software features from the S21 to the S20 lineup. It'd be interesting to see a comparison on the 20s vs the iPhone. Probably won't happen but it'd be fun to think about! 🤣

  • Daniel Grefelis
    Daniel Grefelis6 dagen geleden

    Samsung is just trying to get a good camera so people buy it more, comon its cheap enougth...

    GAMES IN VEINS6 dagen geleden


  • Dejan Nedic
    Dejan Nedic6 dagen geleden

    Samsung is best on market especially Note series even note 3 is better then any iPhone !

  • Kurai Shonin
    Kurai Shonin6 dagen geleden

    can you also do a comparison with what you use to shoot your videos? i'm trying to pick whether a phone/camera combo would be better value than just a camera and keeping my basic af phone that can't do anything but take calls haha

  • Will !
    Will !6 dagen geleden

    I'm not sure if you cam answer this question but 108MP 3:4 photos don't look as as regular 3:4 photos on the 21 ultra. Does that happen to you?

  • Youssef TareK
    Youssef TareK6 dagen geleden

    I like samsung camera

  • Youssef TareK
    Youssef TareK6 dagen geleden

    I like samsung camera

  • rafeeq basha
    rafeeq basha6 dagen geleden

    Hey bro which phone is the best s21 ultra or iPhone 12 pro plus

  • JEP
    JEP6 dagen geleden

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  • Izzuddin Nizam
    Izzuddin Nizam7 dagen geleden

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  • _YoshiVolts_ 115

    _YoshiVolts_ 115

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    Emir Hürmeriç7 dagen geleden

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    sniper shot gaming7 dagen geleden


  • sniper shot gaming
    sniper shot gaming7 dagen geleden


  • sniper shot gaming
    sniper shot gaming7 dagen geleden

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  • sniper shot gaming
    sniper shot gaming7 dagen geleden

    Bhai bakwas phone

  • PetarJK
    PetarJK7 dagen geleden

    No, you're really not holding the best smartphone cameras on the planet. Why would u say that? That's not even close to true. Go check DXOmark..

  • Kenji S
    Kenji S7 dagen geleden

    I'm a sucker for punchy colors.. Former Velvia shooter here ;) but I gotta concede apple does video better by far and I do live and take a lot of photos in dark areas..

  • Krishna Deokumar
    Krishna Deokumar7 dagen geleden

    I phone is best

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous7 dagen geleden

    Sub would be "SPECTACULAR"

  • Marcus Brough
    Marcus Brough7 dagen geleden

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  • Chris B
    Chris B7 dagen geleden

    The only things missing on the table is a martini on one side and a bottle of Grey Goose on the other side.

  • Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout
    Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout8 dagen geleden

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  • _YoshiVolts_ 115

    _YoshiVolts_ 115

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  • YinXz


    8 dagen geleden

    No, he puts alot of work in his video. Explaining every detail, you should show some respect.

  • Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout
    Tyrone's and Jessica's Harley Davidson Breakout8 dagen geleden

    Do not buy Apple, they enslaved Chinese workers and put them in harsh and extremely dangerous working environment.

  • TheRealIshtar
    TheRealIshtar8 dagen geleden

    Man, i got the s10 and recently the iphone 12 Pro Max (gift from a friend),i did some comparison to show my friends and realized how much better the S10 Photos and videos of both cameras ( frons n back ) looked like. Even if the Iphone has a "little" better low light calculation, i do not thin its worth nearly double the price. In the end Iphone has less apps and all that too ... no idea where the iphone price comes from. ive no idea about s20 and up, but if i already love s10 quality, i bet i would love the newer version if i had the money to buy them XD

  • eierbal
    eierbal8 dagen geleden

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  • I have arrived
    I have arrived8 dagen geleden

    0:36 Rick Roll

  • S S
    S S8 dagen geleden

    I love comparison videos that don't pick a winner.

  • Tara Tooley
    Tara Tooley8 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the great review. What about wide angle images. Capturing the whole room?

  • Jonathan Macias
    Jonathan Macias8 dagen geleden

    Great vídeo!

  • Jeremia Oliver
    Jeremia Oliver8 dagen geleden

    Yeahh, and and.. the iPhone has removed the charger with the excuse of being protect the environment?? Seriously!? Is NOT FAIR, iphone should change lightning cable to Type-C, like every android HaHA different topic, not camera. sorry 😂

  • alireza bazarghan
    alireza bazarghan8 dagen geleden

    God thanks i am finally sure which one should i buy or at least if i had money to buy 😭😭

  • YinXz


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    Andy fs9 dagen geleden

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  • Krisha Rathod
    Krisha Rathod9 dagen geleden

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  • FrankTheRabbit
    FrankTheRabbit9 dagen geleden

    I think it’s important that these camera tests have an image reference to compare against. Ideally, compare the images taken to that of a DSLR. What looks better on one phone is not a true representation of what the human eye is seeing.

  • Liam Bam
    Liam Bam9 dagen geleden

    I do love the back camera of samsung. Impressive night mode shooting. Compared this with my iphone 11 pro max. It processes the picture faster too. And yes samsung has more features and options in their camera’s but you simply dont buy a phone just for its camera. Also whatever you say, taking a selfie on a samsung is a freaking nightmare! It just sucks wether as a selfie or a groupie it sucks. But that rear camera is just wow. I still love my samsung. But also Ive had an iphone 7plus since it came out and ive almost never broken it and it has stayed relevant. I dont feel that with my samsung. Also Ip68 on samsung is crap. 2 weeks ago I was swimming in my cousins pool. And i was taking a selfie video underwater, suddenly had a black screen and never turned back on. Ive sent it back to samsung for them to process.

  • Liam Bam
    Liam Bam9 dagen geleden

    Samsung is way better on paper but apps are just more smooth with apple. Perfect example is instagram. Simply because apple and instagram has partnerships, instagram lags so much on my s20plus. Just try using instagram on a samsung for atleast 30 mins and you’ll see!

  • Liam Bam

    Liam Bam

    9 dagen geleden

    But I do love the back camera of samsung. Impressive night mode shooting. Compared this with my iphone 11 pro max. It processes the picture faster too. And yes samsung has more features and options in their camera’s but you simply dont buy a phone just for its camera. Also whatever you say, taking a selfie on a samsung is a freaking nightmare.