The $200,000 Smartphone Unboxing 💀

You'll see lots of smartphone unboxings in 2021 - Samsung Galaxy unboxings, iPhone 13 / 12s unboxings etc, but none will compare to the ridiculousness of this $200,000 smartphone unboxing.

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  • Ketchup
    Ketchup18 minuten geleden

    The oppo reno's phone (#11) is designed by Reality to Idea, highly recommend following them on instagram! They do some pretty awesome stuff

  • Royal high
    Royal high27 minuten geleden

    What was he eating lol

  • Samantha Mallin
    Samantha Mallin2 uur geleden

    Hello, If you don’t have a google account then this is for you Almost EVERY Content creator asks for subs but mostly people are breaking rules or doing so many additional chores to watch these creators and all they focus on are subs so many people don’t have google accounts and that’s the reason why a lot of people around the world don’t sub. Please think about this!

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo3 uur geleden

    19:56 it isnt really for anyone. i mean sure maybe someone will buy it but it's a publicity tool. the amount of publicity they receive is worth a lot more than the amount they spent to make it. they tripled the cost of the gold about but they can always get their initial investment back by melting the gold.

  • Porusejam Craft
    Porusejam Craft3 uur geleden

    8:12 ok who see's a rickroll in the background 😂

  • Gaby dess
    Gaby dess4 uur geleden

    Me: juste wanted a iphone 8

  • who likes nuttella
    who likes nuttella4 uur geleden

    9:23 thats what she said

  • The One
    The One4 uur geleden

    None of this phones amazing. The meaning to have smart phone is to navigate your road to chat to play to receive calls wherever you are . If I have 100 M i will never spend more than 690 $ on smart phone . 170.000 $ it will build house to me in my country .

  • sherry Debrey
    sherry Debrey5 uur geleden

    This was so fun to watch also, a phone for $170k is just something you keep in your home as a showpiece..

  • Fuzzy Shady
    Fuzzy Shady5 uur geleden


  • triezl
    triezl7 uur geleden

    200,000 phone... But with no camera

    BOT SHADOW YT8 uur geleden

    Realme 7i

  • ABGMIS Gaming
    ABGMIS Gaming 9 uur geleden

  • William Allan
    William Allan10 uur geleden

    im sorry how many phones do u have :)

  • caas4kaas !
    caas4kaas !11 uur geleden

    I have an iphone 6 😂😂

    SPOVAH15 uur geleden

    I love how you put so much effort into your videos to make them amazing and cool. You are truly one of the best NLdronrs out there. You are also very genuine with your opinions. Thank you for being such an amazing person! Most high quality channel I've ever seen maintained by one guy.

    FROSTPENGU1N50215 uur geleden

    lol I saw that s21 galaxy at a display at a shopping centre

  • Mick Barnes (DJ Diligence)
    Mick Barnes (DJ Diligence)17 uur geleden

    I'm waiting until they make a phone brain chip I can command.

  • Mick Barnes (DJ Diligence)
    Mick Barnes (DJ Diligence)17 uur geleden

    Nice bow

  • Awakening Enthusiast
    Awakening Enthusiast18 uur geleden

    If you're going to have your phone inside of a case what the hell does it matter if it's got art on it?

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez19 uur geleden

    The gold bar phone makes me want to puke

  • Supergui gamer
    Supergui gamerDag geleden

    What do you make with all phones?

  • Cola_Gaming
    Cola_GamingDag geleden

    this dudes like glarses but for phones

  • DranzerCodmYT
    DranzerCodmYTDag geleden

    8:11 Lmao

  • sinful.silence
    sinful.silenceDag geleden

    That’s what she said

  • Scott S
    Scott SDag geleden

    The cloistered authority formerly separate because file hisologically carve than a abhorrent faucet. burly, meaty state

  • Annelies Van Loock
    Annelies Van LoockDag geleden

    8:12 look top left XD XD XD

  • Nathan Henderson
    Nathan HendersonDag geleden

    I love the phantom red phone

  • Meme Hub
    Meme HubDag geleden

    When you put the gold phone in ur pocket in public ur pants just goes down🤣🤣

  • Waifu material
    Waifu materialDag geleden

    8:14 if you spotted it you're a legend

  • Mr Gamer
    Mr GamerDag geleden

    8:13 is where well I won’t spoil it just look at the very top and center

  • Surendra Reddy Edula
    Surendra Reddy EdulaDag geleden

    What do you do with all these limited expensive phones after you unbox them?

  • Abhishek
    AbhishekDag geleden

    Is he wearing shorts or pants under the table 🤔 😂😂

  • Pilotemir 001
    Pilotemir 001Dag geleden

    He Rick rolled us again :( 8:12

  • pak toys
    pak toysDag geleden

    Best vlog ever

  • Divin Poonacha
    Divin PoonachaDag geleden

    So no one is going to talk about the Jeff Bezos Gold Card? okay.

  • V_PXEL
    V_PXELDag geleden

    they just stick a a gold to a phone without a camera and thats it XD

  • KaMegoy Gaming
    KaMegoy GamingDag geleden

    can i have one for my birthday 😍😍😍 any phone

  • Sand GARA
    Sand GARADag geleden

    If u feel usless remeber that there is a camera app in a phone which don't have camera?

  • Quantum Cube
    Quantum CubeDag geleden

    6:49 Mrwhosetheboss if you are reading this I love ur vids and the time stamp is for my opinion is thAT I think the a32 s has a smooth edge and is really like a cool iPhone 13 or something

  • adrian world
    adrian worldDag geleden

    i that never had a phone :'(

  • bijay acharya
    bijay acharyaDag geleden

    You are rich enough to buy all such smartphones. 🤘

  • Bennit Tsai
    Bennit TsaiDag geleden

    8:23 I have just been Rick rolled

  • zer0 playz
    zer0 playzDag geleden

    Sooo uhhh what you doin with all those phones?

  • AHMc08
    AHMc08Dag geleden

    I thought my phone was good

  • Aileen Umanzor
    Aileen UmanzorDag geleden

    The last one I think you can take off the gold to take a photo

  • Dave Jamaln
    Dave JamalnDag geleden

    Wow can I have the cheapest phone😅

  • yur mum
    yur mumDag geleden

    6900 nice

  • Dr. Theory
    Dr. TheoryDag geleden

    Are you using British pounds or US dollars

  • DJ Xtra
    DJ XtraDag geleden

    8:12 did anyone else see Rick Ashley in the corner! Lol

  • TeddoBean
    TeddoBeanDag geleden

    These videos fake right

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie JohnsonDag geleden

    How is there not a duochrome phone???

  • Unripe Tomato
    Unripe TomatoDag geleden

    18:07 "Jeffrey Preston Bezos" - 1/7 dots: connected

  • Phillip Tritz
    Phillip TritzDag geleden

    Mans caught the glove😦

  • coyizc
    coyizcDag geleden

    what were you eating just wondering

  • Hypoksi
    HypoksiDag geleden

    These phones are so dumb. They sell these expensive phones but have not bothered to make someting that works and is expensive them selves. Cutting corners and trick rich dumbfucks to buy it. I hope no one buy it.

  • SN!P3R Shot12
    SN!P3R Shot12Dag geleden

    The "that's what she said got me good" 😂

    METAL FF2 dagen geleden

    Are you the son of Bill Gates?

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander2 dagen geleden

    If I find this phone underground i would sell it to the black market and I would get so much money off the freaking phone

  • Alkha Aluva
    Alkha Aluva2 dagen geleden

    mr beast of money:Mr beast mr beast of art:ZHC AND CREW Mr beast of phones:Mrwhosetheboss

  • Mohammad Irfan Suhail 8th A
    Mohammad Irfan Suhail 8th A2 dagen geleden

    let's see what she say

  • Jabir Hyder
    Jabir Hyder2 dagen geleden

    Where’s Sam?

  • Owenwind
    Owenwind2 dagen geleden

    8:12 rick roll in 2nd floor

    TGえ BUÑNY2 dagen geleden

    Its not a mobile. Dont fool others . It's just a gold bar attached to phone

  • Pao de Pota
    Pao de Pota2 dagen geleden

    Ah yes, watching phones that I can never have on a phone that I am very satisfied with already (even though it has a shid ton of bugs software wise.), the A20s.

  • Paona Nongpok
    Paona Nongpok2 dagen geleden

    please do some charity work for pandemic please don't be so selfish. you are gathering all the money you can please do some good work for society sir . please please do some charity not only for your self bro. You are one of the big selfish NLdronr of all.

  • Paona Nongpok
    Paona Nongpok2 dagen geleden

    please do some charity work for pandemic please don't be so selfish. you are gathering all the money you can please do some good work for society sir . please please do some charity not only for your self bro. You are one of the big selfish NLdronr of all.

  • Paona Nongpok
    Paona Nongpok2 dagen geleden

    please do some charity work for pandemic please don't be so selfish. you are gathering all the money you can please do some good work for society sir . please please do some charity not only for your self bro. You are one of the big selfish NLdronr of all.

  • Awesomity
    Awesomity2 dagen geleden

    Dont rob banks, instead just go to aruns house and rob him

  • Aleezay Tariq
    Aleezay Tariq2 dagen geleden


  • Adianthus
    Adianthus2 dagen geleden

    This is like youtube premium unboxing video

  • Satveer Dhillon
    Satveer Dhillon2 dagen geleden

    Please can I have that tuthbrush you used to pull out the that phone , don't tell me u already put it on eBay for auction

  • Twistedwolf936
    Twistedwolf9362 dagen geleden

    Watching this video was worth it, just to see the adorable cat at the beginning

  • Sly Fox
    Sly Fox2 dagen geleden

    That Galaxy s21 in the phantom red is sexy as fuck oh my God I need that phone in my life

  • Ridham Govind
    Ridham Govind2 dagen geleden

    16:03 BURGER

  • Marian Badea
    Marian Badea2 dagen geleden

    Dude... Was that phone literally made for Jeff Bezos!? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Viral Reels
    Viral Reels2 dagen geleden

    Who else skipped to 17:38 to see #1 ?

  • Emelio Kerr
    Emelio Kerr2 dagen geleden

    I really wouldn't want that last phone even if I was super rich it was truly a letdown for me a big one, but the rest was pretty good great tbh.

  • Spaghooter N’Meebles
    Spaghooter N’Meebles2 dagen geleden

    Nice suit

  • Slnx_U
    Slnx_U2 dagen geleden

    9:24 thats what she said lol

  • MohdxXx40
    MohdxXx402 dagen geleden

    8:13 who else noticed rick astley like if you did

  • Dave Bryan Llamzon
    Dave Bryan Llamzon2 dagen geleden

    $170k useless phone!!!! 😱😱😱

  • ItsHimaank
    ItsHimaank3 dagen geleden

    my mom still uses a s7 edge lol

  • Kefiyalew Debela
    Kefiyalew Debela3 dagen geleden

    this is carz

  • Alex_Stories
    Alex_Stories3 dagen geleden


  • vamique sayed
    vamique sayed3 dagen geleden

    Waste of time

  • Star Wars Fan1
    Star Wars Fan13 dagen geleden

    8:12 :I

  • Colin Gandee
    Colin Gandee3 dagen geleden

    nice burger shot

  • Colin Gandee
    Colin Gandee3 dagen geleden

    dude no way he rickrolled us again

  • Samin Zaman
    Samin Zaman3 dagen geleden

    mi 11s are like pokemon evolutions

  • Xd Mohamed
    Xd Mohamed3 dagen geleden

    Omg 200,0000

  • Shyeanne Gunn
    Shyeanne Gunn3 dagen geleden

    yeahhh, we've definitely lost the plot with that gold phone

  • ツㄒ卂__Ɋ丨
    ツㄒ卂__Ɋ丨3 dagen geleden

    ⚠️Caution⚠️ : You’ll get Rickrolled at 8:11

  • Zaraki Kenpachi
    Zaraki Kenpachi3 dagen geleden

    I died when he said "this time we lost the cameras" 😂

  • Rairahtea Chhakchhuak
    Rairahtea Chhakchhuak3 dagen geleden

    Please make Giveaway... Any Phone from your Own or Can u Give me one Phone 😁😁😁

  • Skillzdatkill YT
    Skillzdatkill YT3 dagen geleden

    that what she said

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton3 dagen geleden

    My biggest curiosity now is what do u do with these phones.

  • Satria AprawN
    Satria AprawN3 dagen geleden

    i think i watch this video is not because of the phone, but coz of host. The voice is sooo....captivating

  • Charles Calvin yt or idkgamer idk iono how
    Charles Calvin yt or idkgamer idk iono how3 dagen geleden

    p9981 vs nokia 3310 who would win

  • Edloner
    Edloner4 dagen geleden

    Never gonna give you up 8:12