The BEST Smartphones of 2021!

Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    MrwhosethebossMaand geleden

    I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:



    19 dagen geleden

    Where is f**King iqoo 7

  • Steven1 Godfrey

    Steven1 Godfrey

    19 dagen geleden

  • Joseph. reyes from new joke 2

    Joseph. reyes from new joke 2

    26 dagen geleden

    12:41 stop showing me this I'm jealous cause ik I can't afford an iPhone for a long time

  • lee_ 9229

    lee_ 9229

    29 dagen geleden

    Bro what about Xiaomi mi 11x 5g

  • Sina Bashirinejad

    Sina Bashirinejad

    29 dagen geleden

    I just wished you would have considered mi11 lite 5g

  • Brutus Callaway
    Brutus Callaway45 minuten geleden

    The cumbersome trombone undesirably scatter because soccer multivariately mess up under a quickest begonia. nine, brief oil

  • Shadman Zaman
    Shadman Zaman48 minuten geleden

    Where is Oneplus 9 pro? it should get 2nd place in these phones!!

  • David Jukki
    David JukkiUur geleden

    The chances of you getting killed by Milo are low, but never zero.

  • Ron Davis
    Ron Davis2 uur geleden

    The adventurous deborah undeniably consider because band accordingly handle lest a purple armchair. aware, strange policeman

  • Jeremy P
    Jeremy P2 uur geleden

    The pixel 4a is the phone *most* people should have, hands down.

  • Fero R.
    Fero R.4 uur geleden

    Milo : say I’m the number one or I will punch all those phones off the table 😼😅🤗

  • Sorinsvlogs
    Sorinsvlogs4 uur geleden

    Arun what about samsung galaxy note 20 ultra?

  • Rana  Awais
    Rana Awais4 uur geleden


  • aSymantix
    aSymantix4 uur geleden

    This sponsored garbage is embarrassing. Ones own opinion is merely nonexistent and falsly portrayed in order to feed the belly of the beast. Disgusting and fake.

  • Mbali Memela
    Mbali Memela4 uur geleden

    I wish I can get the Redmi note 10 in South Africa

  • mobeius zero
    mobeius zero4 uur geleden

    watching while drooling, can i get one?HAHAHA

  • MTB Freerider
    MTB Freerider5 uur geleden

    To be honest, with a little bit over 240$, I'm happy with my Poco X3 Pro

  • Eneida Brittain
    Eneida Brittain6 uur geleden

    The towering downtown inexplicably spark because creditor wessely welcome during a absurd bear. sincere, belligerent hobbies

  • ExLee Plays
    ExLee Plays6 uur geleden

    Got the quantum 50 only in 17.5 dollars ... No issues almost after a year ... totally satisfied

  • yabassta
    yabassta6 uur geleden

    I bought a poco f3 2 days ago without much knowledge about. Didn't expect it was such a good choice.

    BEHEDETY6 uur geleden

    Xiaomi owns the game...

  • Devilnero1991
    Devilnero19917 uur geleden

    5:20 These Chinese phones are cheap because China breaks every international law there is, they're cheaters

  • richad warren
    richad warren8 uur geleden

    I was debating on buying an iphone 10 or a poco F3. This video made me see how great poco F3 rly is

  • Karan Shah
    Karan Shah9 uur geleden

    Thanks for the video, bough the POCO F3 based on your recommendation. Excellent phone, best in terms of value for money. Thank you!

  • Zaf Khan
    Zaf Khan9 uur geleden

    Bought the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. It's for me, the best there is since Huawei's Google ban.

  • Muhammad hakim zaffri
    Muhammad hakim zaffri9 uur geleden

    6:33 pov your rewinding to see if he was wearing the suit earlier

  • Zoro Roronoa
    Zoro Roronoa9 uur geleden

    Yeah sure, get better display on a phone and u will get higher in this rank

  • Raj Gaur Aditya
    Raj Gaur Aditya10 uur geleden

    I really think that you haven't had much of an interaction with the realme phaones, they are fairly value for money and best competitors of xiaomi. Please take a look at them too. I will pick realme over MI everytime.

  • Valerio B
    Valerio B10 uur geleden

    But what's the best value / longer lasting? Pixel 4a?? I'd like to keep it for 4 years whats the one that could get that close??

  • YEET lee
    YEET lee11 uur geleden

    what did you do with all those phones??

  • Michael Angelo Bacat
    Michael Angelo Bacat12 uur geleden

    Can I have the iphone 12 mini?hahahaha

  • Bãby Hæckêr
    Bãby Hæckêr12 uur geleden

    Poco x3 pro is Best ♥️

  • Breakup GoogleNow
    Breakup GoogleNow13 uur geleden

    LG is done w smartphones? ohhhh no.

  • Hillol Brahma
    Hillol Brahma13 uur geleden

    i wished you could Review OnePlus 9R (which is basically 8t)..!! any way love ur content

  • Ace
    Ace14 uur geleden

    i want a good phone but i don’t want 20 fcking cameras on the back

  • DranzerCodmYT
    DranzerCodmYT17 uur geleden


  • DranzerCodmYT
    DranzerCodmYT17 uur geleden

    I am the boss

  • DranzerCodmYT


    17 uur geleden


  • Moses Ochekwu
    Moses Ochekwu18 uur geleden

    I didn't believe him until he unlock 🔓 my phone,alot of thanks to *WESTERNCRACKS* he is very good and legit

  • Moses Ochekwu
    Moses Ochekwu18 uur geleden

    I didn't believe him until he unlock 🔓 my phone,alot of thanks to *WESTERNCRACKS* he is very good and legit

  • Moses Ochekwu
    Moses Ochekwu18 uur geleden

    I didn't believe him until he unlock 🔓 my phone,alot of thanks to *WESTERNCRACKS* he is very good and legit

  • Chirantan Das
    Chirantan Das18 uur geleden

    Pixel 5 where?

  • zeezeebo
    zeezeebo19 uur geleden

    I’ve never paid 1k for a phone and would never do. I wait a yr after the release and get it cheaper

  • Tears n' Rain
    Tears n' Rain19 uur geleden

    Do you really have to plant a cat to make video interesting?

  • Pynkmenlang Lytan 19RISTLCE028
    Pynkmenlang Lytan 19RISTLCE02821 uur geleden

    My god you earn a lot bro.

  • Yanky Altman
    Yanky Altman21 uur geleden

    But what about hot summer day's most phones overheating . We need a video of best phones without issues in extreme heat and no issues when trying to film in direct sunlight in extreme heat.

  • TheRealHd88
    TheRealHd8822 uur geleden

    This is great to know. I didn't know that the Poco F3 was so much better than the 2. With that being said, can you do a video about the best smartphone camera in 2021? Btw.Your video content is superb. Keep it up!

  • Joel Goncalves
    Joel GoncalvesDag geleden

    12:41 can someone help find the wallpaper on iPhone? Thanks

  • Alison Hörn
    Alison HörnDag geleden

    Pardon me, what is a flagship? I’ve never heard that term before.

  • Steyn Gaming Yt
    Steyn Gaming YtDag geleden

    Wth where is iqoo 7 legend it is also more value for money

  • darkside gaming
    darkside gamingDag geleden

    the best budget phone under 400 dollars : realme gt 369 dollars

  • William Tukei14
    William Tukei14Dag geleden

    Iphones yes battery is not good i will stick yo xiami

  • Rajesh Mutika
    Rajesh MutikaDag geleden

    Pixel 4a really worth buying in 2021 ,,killer camera ❤️❤️❤️

  • Rahatul Faiyaz
    Rahatul FaiyazDag geleden

    point to be noted, 1st 3 places are taken by China

  • Sambed Munda
    Sambed MundaDag geleden

    Sir. Do u giveaway some phones.?

  • Jerome Peterson
    Jerome PetersonDag geleden

    The painstaking hallway prenatally consist because var verbs = [aardvark naively refuse forenenst a malicious betty. mellow, painstaking myanmar

  • fleetenemaboy
    fleetenemaboyDag geleden

    Blackshark 3 now only cost 16.5k php or 320usd and its better than poco f3 that has dimming issue yet its not on the list

    XVIIIDag geleden

    Bro create one video based on the best chipest gaming phone 📱

  • r k
    r kDag geleden


    DRX WIZARD FFDag geleden

    Who using redmi note 10 pro max Me also

  • Shamsudeen Adetunji Bello
    Shamsudeen Adetunji BelloDag geleden

    Awesome review. Can u please do a comparison of Realme GT 5G, POCO F3 and OnePlus Nord CE?

  • Archons
    ArchonsDag geleden

    can we stop fake hyping the iphone? i have the 12 pro and it’s a horrible phone, the samsung isn’t better either with their fake processors in europe, the truth is we don’t have any good choices to pick from in 2021, all phones are the same crap.

  • RM
    RMDag geleden

    Well! This was a fairest comparison of 2021 !!! 100% Agreed ...

  • Vb
    VbDag geleden

    Y huawei phone not in your list

  • Salt King
    Salt KingDag geleden

    I am looking for a gaming phone under 300$ any suggestions

    JASKEERAT SINGHDag geleden

    this poco f3 looks ridiculously like mi 11x. even the specs match word to word , can you tell what is the difference?

  • Arise Shine
    Arise ShineDag geleden

    hi mrwhosetheboss, which is best affordable for youtube vlogs?

  • Wiwit Handayani
    Wiwit HandayaniDag geleden

    dosnt it say that not subcribed is over 50 % or am i trippin

  • Chan WH
    Chan WHDag geleden

    9:44 Milo. 😂

  • Tom Le
    Tom LeDag geleden

    I have tried a lot of flagship phones for a while then switching back to IPhone. A phone is just a phone, easy to use, lag free and do basic jobs. If you really commit to something professionally, you probably need professional devices

  • Mohamad Ali
    Mohamad AliDag geleden

    Hi i just wanna get new phone . s21 or s20 fe5g or xiaomi mi 11i. in the place i live they have same price, i really wanna know what phone is better.

  • Lundrim Alili
    Lundrim AliliDag geleden

    Guys I need a new phone and I don’t really care about the camera quality, what smartphone do you think I should get?

  • Vincent Sutrisno
    Vincent SutrisnoDag geleden

    You should check out the poco series of xiaomi as well. Poco x3 pro is ridiculously worth its value when compared to Rog 5





  • rogie888
    rogie888Dag geleden

    You suggest the xiaomi phone mi 11 ultra, but cannot find it for sale. Also if ibuy it can I set it up on my Verizon account

  • Ali Farag
    Ali FaragDag geleden

    How does Redmi note 10 pro have a better display than galaxy s21? They’re like basically the same and I bet Samsung’s is better.

  • Gaming Asfar
    Gaming AsfarDag geleden

    Am I the only one who picks based on os system I prefer one ui so I went for a52

  • naish ruplal
    naish ruplalDag geleden

    @mrwhosetheboss I love that you do soo much for your videos!! The humor and the changing of outfits or a smartphone falling from the sky!!

  • Athena
    AthenaDag geleden

    Ok I need help stuck between Redmi Note 10T pro and the Poco f3 🤔

  • faith duale
    faith dualeDag geleden

    Your accent is so sexy 😍. I'm glad redmi is no 2 on ur list.

  • Игорь Таланов
    Игорь Таланов2 dagen geleden

    Is that a Nokia 3310 at 12:50 🤔

  • Salman gazi241
    Salman gazi2412 dagen geleden

    I love you bro. I love poco when. You say poco is (1).i was so happy.

  • Albert
    Albert2 dagen geleden

    smartphones updates must be consistent , for me it's either a pixel or an iPhone

  • Synth Wave
    Synth Wave2 dagen geleden

    I love Milo :) The best Phone reviewer on the planet.

  • Official Nikrila
    Official Nikrila2 dagen geleden

    Despite all that cool smartphone, I'm worried Milo gonna destroy the whole studio.

  • Ajinkya D
    Ajinkya D2 dagen geleden

    Sony´s marketing and launch program is so terrible that it won´t push you to change your mind. :)

  • Sanath patil
    Sanath patil2 dagen geleden

    Can you please make a video on iQOO Mobile?

  • ᅳ데이지ᅳ
    ᅳ데이지ᅳ2 dagen geleden

    My sis bought the redmi note 10 pro....and i got a shock ones she tried it.... Imma buy that one of was like 4k camera, and so many features. i- can't understand it's so cheap

  • Davidgtrs
    Davidgtrs2 dagen geleden

    An S10 is still worth it

  • Neekita Rai
    Neekita Rai2 dagen geleden

    Lenovo is a GAMING pc i mean my friends use it well.

  • Neekita Rai
    Neekita Rai2 dagen geleden


  • Neekita Rai
    Neekita Rai2 dagen geleden

    Samsung screens are too cheap

  • Ashee Sierra Live
    Ashee Sierra Live2 dagen geleden

    Anyone tell me What's the camera used to record this video?

  • Who
    Who2 dagen geleden

    you could call the One Plus 9, 10 😂

  • Who


    2 dagen geleden

    or the 10 pro

  • Daniel Lye
    Daniel Lye2 dagen geleden

    In Singapore the poco f3 8/256 is the same price as the xiaomi mi11 lite 5g 8 /128,it ain't cheap in my area

  • Rod Riven Ladroma
    Rod Riven Ladroma2 dagen geleden


  • lokeshkumar
    lokeshkumar2 dagen geleden

    Hay can you give any one phone for me

  • Shivam Patil
    Shivam Patil2 dagen geleden

    Thanks for recommending , today I bought redmi note 10 pro. Is buying today is a worthy.

    GAMER GO PRO2 dagen geleden

    What about Realme gt 5g, it comes with 888 and amoled 120hz and its cheap.

  • Evangeline SL
    Evangeline SL2 dagen geleden

    This guy is good at recommending and good to watch but if you see too many videos it will make you feel frickle minded don't know which to purchase. So I will prefer to survey myself rather than watching this video. Good luck him. May he have man subscribers

  • Abby omg
    Abby omg2 dagen geleden

    12:32 When your a youtuber you expect 48854 emails 😂😂😂

  • God gamerz
    God gamerz2 dagen geleden


  • God gamerz
    God gamerz2 dagen geleden


  • chongu
    chongu2 dagen geleden

    what’s the best 350$-400$ camera smartphone for 2021?