The REAL reason you don’t get a charger anymore.

Samsung and Apple no longer give you a charger with the Samsung galaxy S21 / S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max - But is this ACTUALLY just to save the environment? To see what I got by buying the strangest phones on the internet:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    Particularly curious to see what you think after you've watched this one! ♻️ To find out what happened when I bought the strangest phones on the internet:

  • Random Stuff

    Random Stuff

    16 dagen geleden

    Exactly, they don't give a flying sh¥t about the environment, all they care about is MONEY, and will lie about it. Damnnn hypocrites...Arun and Flossy Carter are the only people I see calling out these hypocritical companies.

  • BMD7


    29 dagen geleden

    Just saying, this was the first video I ever saw from you

  • Harlod Peter

    Harlod Peter

    Maand geleden

    Maybe apple should create another program that allows consumer to trade in their old brick plus a little bit of cash if they are truly into “saving the planet” scheme.. Just saying..

  • Punarnava Viswanath

    Punarnava Viswanath

    Maand geleden

    One of the best youtube channel I have ever seen Amazing video !

  • Miniman plays

    Miniman plays

    Maand geleden

    You could say that they’re trying to be green but being an under developed garbanzo bean

    SHIVA KAILASH .A56 minuten geleden


  • Cotoi
    Cotoi2 uur geleden

    Fiio BTR5 with IE300, and for 350 Euros you wipe the floor with any headphone they ever included or sold separately (aside Sony) , AND work flawless with Android and iOS.

  • Bobis32 Commentary
    Bobis32 Commentary3 uur geleden

    ive got a box of 30+ chargers from phones ive never used the crap quality brick that came with my phone or the headphones for that matter, ive used my pc's usb ports for charging and have a bluetooth DAC to plug my wired headphones into

  • John King
    John King4 uur geleden

    So true

  • energy_FREAK 219
    energy_FREAK 2195 uur geleden

    We should just have the option for the charger to come with it

  • aishah
    aishah6 uur geleden

    Can’t wait for a new brand to overthrow Apple…. Then they’ll finally decide to include the headphones and charger again (at a cheaper price)😑

  • Patiez
    Patiez6 uur geleden

    Im just sad got a Iphone 11 this year but yet it came in one of those small boxes like iphone 12

  • Ray Getard
    Ray Getard8 uur geleden

    try to stay in the apple ecosystem, you will see that everything is very compact

  • Rahatul Faiyaz
    Rahatul Faiyaz8 uur geleden

    9:36 got rick rolled again

  • Arikado Genya
    Arikado Genya11 uur geleden

    Saving the environment my ass.. they just want money

  • Kangzoel
    Kangzoel11 uur geleden

    It's a common business practice. 11:08 is unrealistic, watch the lightbulb conspiracy:

  • Raju Lama
    Raju Lama11 uur geleden

    For me its impossible to buy apple..through all my earning n saving.. 1year to buy airpods.. 1year to buy magsafe charger.. 5 years to buy iphone.. 7 years for me.. by this i can go green for 7years..

  • Akuhu Tsutso
    Akuhu Tsutso12 uur geleden

    Love your content

  • Scott11078
    Scott1107812 uur geleden

    I always keep my previous phone as an emergency back up and every now and again it pays off. I remember that first big leap phone chargers made and how quick I was on Amazon ordering the most powerful chargers our phones could handle after being shocked at how long the "old" gen Galaxy charger would take to charge the new gen.

  • Im Nothing // Use Cheats Everyday
    Im Nothing // Use Cheats Everyday13 uur geleden

    oh c'mon now, the only reason that they were saying that charger and phones are separate is not really for the environment but for capitalism

  • Londonsbro Playz
    Londonsbro Playz17 uur geleden

    i got an i phone ad while watching

  • Mariely C
    Mariely C18 uur geleden

    love this video

  • The Phenom
    The PhenomDag geleden

    Heat destroys the phone battery

  • Ex Saffa
    Ex SaffaDag geleden

    I agree wholeheartedly with your views on this topic. Been get a load of deliveries from Amazon, their packaging or rather over packaging is mind boggling to say the least. If we recycled at least 75% of what use that would be great for the environment. Love your channel.

  • Bethany
    BethanyDag geleden

    I’ve bought soo many iPhone chargers. All certified Apple store chargers. Starting to think it’s the phone. But I don’t know if I want to say with Apple with these are the issues I’ll keep having. Anyone recommend good priced androids if I change.

  • Brandon
    BrandonDag geleden

    You hit it dead on brother. It's all about money and greed. I hope Apple and Samsung watch this!

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno GiovannaDag geleden

    I literally got a charger with my samsung m31 but no headphones! So I had to buy another pair of headphones! AND IT CAME IN A BOX IN WHICH I COULD PUT LIKE 5 M31s!

  • edoardo bi
    edoardo biDag geleden

    I hope for the next 2022 generation of smartphone will change this... wrong shitty idea

  • Tejas
    TejasDag geleden

    when talking about headphones there is always the option of a 3mm to USB-C cable? especially if you have very expensive headphones and want to get the best experience.

  • M.H. Quraishi
    M.H. QuraishiDag geleden


  • John Wilson
    John WilsonDag geleden

    My solution is being able to buy with or without charger for people who are new to getting apple phones and people who are Just switching from the iPhone 10 to the iPhone 11

  • Funnyizer The Randomizer
    Funnyizer The RandomizerDag geleden

    They do be making the cash money by switching charging bricks right as they switched the cables

  • Daniel Jargal
    Daniel JargalDag geleden

    9:36 not a rick roll

  • Mr. Doggo
    Mr. DoggoDag geleden

    Dang bro, Jesus loves you btw.

  • KobIII
    KobIIIDag geleden

    I guess they like a different kind of green...$

  • Maria Gutierrez
    Maria GutierrezDag geleden

    Is all about the money . Iam upset they removed the headphone jack . No charger . The USB I got inside the IPhone 11 in the box don't work it walls out. I ended up using an older USB I used for my IPhone 6 plus

  • Larry _
    Larry _Dag geleden

    The REAL reason that you do not get a charger.......they sell them. under $20 !!

  • Borhanuddin Rubel
    Borhanuddin Rubel2 dagen geleden

    I dunno who gives and approves this shity ideas....

  • Mystic DA Wolf
    Mystic DA Wolf2 dagen geleden

    I used a charger for 6 years it is the same

    RIJU ANTONY2 dagen geleden

    They got even more greedy and came up with the shitiest excuse ever

  • Wigadama
    Wigadama2 dagen geleden

    *To those who are leaving beautiful messages, you may not realize this,, but you may have saved someone's life by just being kind, and supportive.*

  • breadisred
    breadisred2 dagen geleden

    huh my new xiaomi i got 3 days ago has a charger in the box-

  • Harshad Shetye
    Harshad Shetye2 dagen geleden

    What about new customers?

  • Dave “Clay Pigeon Pie”
    Dave “Clay Pigeon Pie”2 dagen geleden

    It started with Apple, and they not only sold the phone without the charger, but as they always do they changed the charging port, so you CAN'T use your old charger. It was just straight up greed. But because Apple set the president, now other manufacturers are going to jump on the band wagon.

  • bruh™
    bruh™2 dagen geleden

    Whats this logic. How tf is not including a brick something good. Do they think people will buy the phone, use it once till it reaches 0% battery and never use it again? Ofc people are gonna be buying chargers separarley.

  • jans belerts
    jans belerts2 dagen geleden

    they could make that you can add charger and headphones with it

  • Jewell
    Jewell2 dagen geleden

    And for the user who is new to the USB-C, you have to buy the charger and an adapter.

  • Johnny Willbanks
    Johnny Willbanks2 dagen geleden

    2025: iphone *phone not included*

  • Noah GG
    Noah GG2 dagen geleden

    i REALLY hope that Samsung and Apple would bring back the charger and even earphones with Galaxy S22 and iPhone 13

  • andyw386
    andyw3862 dagen geleden

    You'd think that with all the money they're saving with not including chargers and stuff they'd reduce the price a little bit, funny enough they don't lol.

  • David Gandy
    David Gandy2 dagen geleden

    It sounds like they are just trying to make more money seeing as their chargers are 30 DOLLARS!!!!

  • Life with Marj
    Life with Marj3 dagen geleden

    I suggest having an option of buying a new phone to have it with a charger or no charger, with earphones or no earphones so it can be delivered in less packaging waste.

  • Demonetization
    Demonetization3 dagen geleden

    It can be simply put in a quote “Money" ~ Mr Krabs

  • Gwin Lentia
    Gwin Lentia3 dagen geleden

    Samsung, Apple, and other companies should hear this but I don't know if they will. Lol

  • ᴛʜᴇ ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ᴄᴀᴛ ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ
    ᴛʜᴇ ᴜɴᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ᴄᴀᴛ ᴡᴀʀʀɪᴏʀ3 dagen geleden

    They misspelt *"Go Green"* for *"Go Greed"*

  • Clara S.
    Clara S.3 dagen geleden

    If "environment" was their reasoning, then yes it seems contradicting bc of excess packaging aftermath...and it makes it seem like big companies trying to pad their pockets more. A secondary product required for a secondary product. 😥 They need to be exposed.😠

  • aadi shah
    aadi shah3 dagen geleden

    It’s like blaming and clear your name

  • super luvkyplayer99 Aldo Fajardo
    super luvkyplayer99 Aldo Fajardo3 dagen geleden

    Apple and samsung have been real quiet since this video came out

  • deimos871102
    deimos8711023 dagen geleden

    in the future your phone will be sold without a box, maybe some bubble wrap but that's an expensive option of 15 dollars plus

  • Stalin Manickaraj
    Stalin Manickaraj4 dagen geleden

    Decisions without proper study!

  • Ayush
    Ayush4 dagen geleden

    I think the brand's forget the whole meaning of Flagship smartphones experience 2 to 3 years ago samsung, Xiaomi, Apple they give us more accessories that we want but now all these so-called eco-friendly decesion they made is nothing but strategy to make more profit

  • Yerbamatey
    Yerbamatey4 dagen geleden

    I don't mind it. I have a 45 watt charger that I've been using for at least a year

  • Morice Nicefield
    Morice Nicefield4 dagen geleden

    just look at the charging capacities of the one plus. Charge with warp charge, 20 min or so from 0 to full, whireless charging 40 min from 20 to full...

  • Tammy Moore-Franke
    Tammy Moore-Franke4 dagen geleden

    I’m an iPhone user and their newer phones are pushing everything to wireless. I’d like to have the wireless charger but until it gets better, not going that route. The BOSE wireless headphones I want are just way to expensive but I did find some that are really good and will actually last for 10 hours of constant listening. What I’m really interested in knowing more about is the smart watch. I want an Apple Watch but I’ve my concerns about getting one.

  • just a hamster that codes
    just a hamster that codes4 dagen geleden

    I agree with most of the video, but i don't agree with the point you make about increased energy use with wireless charging and silicon chargers. I'm not saying that does not waste energy, I'm saying the extra energy used with this is extremely insignificant. Lets do some math to prove it. Lets say you are using that thick energizer smartphone and you drain its battery every day. And you lose 50% of the energy you use to charge the phone (That effeciency is very very very low) that phone has a battery of 18ah with a nominal voltage of 3,7v that gives us a energy of 66,6Wh. Since we lose half of the energy we lose that same amount of energy. Over 3 years that would become 72 927Wh. Sounds like a lot, right? ~73Kwh is a lot of energy. But this is over a 3 year period. A average uk household uses 3 731Kwh a year, or 11 193Kwh over 3 years. Our 73Kwh is about 0.65% of that. A bit over half a percent. And that is with a very unrealistic over the top scenario. I did the same calculations with a normal silicon charger with a effeciency of 90%, and wireless charging using 1,47 times more energy than wired. with a s21 ultra 5G. We end up having ~11,5Kwh of energy lost in 3 years, that being 0,1% extra energy used by the average UK household.

  • Speedyskilly Studios
    Speedyskilly Studios4 dagen geleden

    Apple is not going green they are saving some green

  • Kushikyon
    Kushikyon4 dagen geleden

    You know that you can buy all accessories at 1 store and deliver them in 1 box, right? Not 4 deliveries xd

  • Brahvim
    Brahvim4 dagen geleden

    Isn't it stupid? Seriously, GIVE US A CHARGER!1!! What's worse is that people might misuse electricity, because maybe their charger doesn't provide the correct amount of current their phone needs. A better thing to do would be to dump the cable. This is a little too opinion-based though, because I once read an article that stated that phone companies provide _not-so-high_ quality cables to save money. This information is what led me here. You may not believe in this, and that's fine ":D. The point of this comment is, GIVE US A CHARGER! It's not possible for everyone to find the correct one for their phone.... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Immediate edit: By the term "correct charger", I'm referring to a charger with (the) correct current output (in Amps, of course) for the phone that would receive it.

  • Hugo Abreu
    Hugo Abreu4 dagen geleden

    They are just outsourcing the carbon

  • Mr. Sunny
    Mr. Sunny4 dagen geleden

    I have too many chargers.. this should be a add on that you can get though.

  • Svetlana De Light
    Svetlana De Light4 dagen geleden

    Completely agree, well presented

  • Ayu Yulianti putri
    Ayu Yulianti putri4 dagen geleden

    Like oppo

  • xue
    xue4 dagen geleden


  • Maskaradebannana
    Maskaradebannana4 dagen geleden

    Apple in 2014 ish: we care about our customers and have everything you need right from the get go when you buy one of our phone Apple in 2021: we are going to charge you 10x more for only halve the features.... oh yea we’re removing the headphone Jack ;)

  • James Gibson
    James Gibson4 dagen geleden

    No charger was bad enough but I lost my sh*t when I scratched and sniffed the apple sticker and there was no apple smell.

  • sammy dawg
    sammy dawg4 dagen geleden

    its not about the environment to them, i do believe its a way to discreetly decrease the quality, and therefore the manufacturing price, of the phones, while its something so subtle that they just so hap to decide not to change the price, which benefits their profits.

  • Speedyskilly Studios
    Speedyskilly Studios4 dagen geleden

    I wish Steve Jobs was still alive. He wouldn’t let any of this shit slide.

  • Jack Housser

    Jack Housser

    3 dagen geleden

    Most likely would tbh. I was just watching some video about how he wanted Mac to be sealed off and missing shit, since the apple 2 computer. People tend to glorify the dead but this is basically what he wanted and the reason the guy who invented apple left.

  • Narang Mali
    Narang Mali5 dagen geleden

    2021: No Power Adapter 2022: No Battery 2023: No Body Panel 2024: Only Display shifts to different parts of world in an iphone branded letter size envelope. REASON FOR AMPUTATING IPHONES == Environmental problems... People: Oh Green.... Iphone: I said Greed....

  • Jay W
    Jay W5 dagen geleden

    This is exactly like bottled water companies touting their plastic bottles use less plastic to save the environment.. when really it's the companies themselves just saving money on materials while bs'ing us about saving the world. People are so easily gaslit.

  • whitechocolate
    whitechocolate5 dagen geleden

    I have many unused chargers, that's a good idea. I like that I can select what charger I want and to get one when I need it.

  • bensadventuresonearth
    bensadventuresonearth5 dagen geleden

    Excellent video. These corporations are truly evil! They don't care about the environment! Only their profit!

  • Ashpl4yz
    Ashpl4yz5 dagen geleden

    47% = about 235V multiplied by abt 6BILLION which is abt 1410000000 watts wasted

  • Ashpl4yz
    Ashpl4yz5 dagen geleden

    dont worry , in 2030 iphone will come with a motherboard and a sticker only and a case with 15 cameras at the back in a different box with a screw driver and souldering iron

  • Bamagoni
    Bamagoni5 dagen geleden

    Wow your really smart! Thanks for this video 😎

  • Chirpy XC
    Chirpy XC5 dagen geleden

    As consumers we need to show they we are highly against this. The consumers need to realize their Power. They are taking away things that are NEEDED to use a phone but the price of the phones are not going down.

  • RK7
    RK75 dagen geleden

    The Most eco-friendly packaging is iPhone-y 24 Pro Max Ultra 5G. Who agrees?

  • uttarpradesh
    uttarpradesh5 dagen geleden

    And just to make your point you used so much packaging material in this video ...

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls5 dagen geleden

    My cheap chinease charger has a bad smoking habit... Oh wait thats fire

  • Ligma Balls
    Ligma Balls5 dagen geleden

    The new iPhone :) You get a box lol :) iPhone sold separetly ;)

  • IVYs bois
    IVYs bois5 dagen geleden

    This isn't echo friendly. Its not like a bunch of knock off companies are still making chargers, I think if knock off companies can make chargers then samsung and apple could, they aren't going ♻️ they are going 🤑💸💳💰💶💴💷.

  • Sam McKim
    Sam McKim5 dagen geleden

    All of this and all i got out of it was... who tf is putting a free case in the phone box?!

  • Sun Navin
    Sun Navin5 dagen geleden

    If you're going to buy the charging brick the plastic is still going to go at the waste at the end of the day there's still the same amount of plastic like bruh

  • Theodore Tourneux
    Theodore Tourneux5 dagen geleden

    Amazing! Thank you for this

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez5 dagen geleden

    Tell em!!! 👏👏👏 Super valid points 👍

  • Roger Davis
    Roger Davis5 dagen geleden


    TREX - PUBGM5 dagen geleden

    I will have to buy Power Brick again for iPhone 12 😐 I have 4-5 power brick of apple 🤣

  • _0_RESTART_0_
    _0_RESTART_0_6 dagen geleden

    In 5 years: We've decided to remove the screen of your phone to save the environment

  • user


    Dag geleden

    apple created this shit and world has so much no brainers to still follow them

  • Ronda Hawkins
    Ronda Hawkins6 dagen geleden

    The wholesale soda originally disarm because window pharmacokinetically launch minus a pumped bun. small, old horse

  • Masab Mehmood
    Masab Mehmood6 dagen geleden

    Also, they have to avoid putting user manuals

  • Vishal Naikawadi
    Vishal Naikawadi6 dagen geleden

    After reading video title I thought there's an actual reason behind this.

  • let's roll
    let's roll6 dagen geleden

    Maybe in future we have to buy seperate parts and make a phone like Lego..

  • Coco vlogs
    Coco vlogs6 dagen geleden

    Ok I guess I’m lucky I have a magsafe-

  • Colourless
    Colourless6 dagen geleden

    Me being a smart phone freak that has a $150 phone

  • Mvtrixx
    Mvtrixx6 dagen geleden

    It's so dumb