The Truth about Xiaomi "Air Charging"

Xiaomi / Mi has just announced True Wireless / Air Charge Technology. It's both incredible, but also filled with caveats...but it still leads to a very interesting future...For why Rugged Smartphones might be a Scam:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    How do 1,000 people manage to comment within 2 minutes!!? Blows my mind, thank you ❤️

  • Syrox Leon

    Syrox Leon

    8 dagen geleden


  • Rolling Panda

    Rolling Panda

    2 maanden geleden

    2:33 Wireless charging works via LF magnetic induction, glass and plastic is pretty much transparent and doesn’t not impact, energy is wasted in the metal coils. This is high school physics do some google/wiki before you try to “educate” the public.

  • Cheese


    2 maanden geleden

    They type

  • Family Anonymous

    Family Anonymous

    3 maanden geleden

    Push notifications

  • Shain Nobudy

    Shain Nobudy

    3 maanden geleden

    What it sounds like to me is going back many years to the time when Nikolai Tesla him self was experimenting with wireless power , one of his ideas was using one Tesla coil as a Field generator and many Tesla coils as receivers , it took very specific frequency tuning and was highly inefficient , i saw this personally in a museum live demonstrated and both coils were about half a meter tall and about 4 inches in diameter . and it did manage to light up a 100W incident light bulb outside of the range of the generating Telsa coils , since every tesla coil generates near the Secondary winding a field that can light up mainly fluorescent bulbs . but from the math behind it it is extremely inefficient . you need to generate provide the generator with Kilowatts of electricity to be able to receive 100s of watts

  • Breakup GoogleNow
    Breakup GoogleNow12 uur geleden

    Tesla did this a century ago. The difference was, he was one of the smartest men to ever walk the planet. You misspelled inefficient in the background, my man.

  • whistletoe
    whistletoe13 uur geleden

    What if you’re gaming or streaming and draining the power faster than 5 watt? Just stick to cables man.

  • Chaos Wolf
    Chaos WolfDag geleden

    lol my phones like 7 years old i think and still works ok

  • JoePapa
    JoePapa2 dagen geleden


  • Chiel “Nighter3D” Voswijk
    Chiel “Nighter3D” Voswijk3 dagen geleden

    Electrical Engineer here: Yeah, you are going to have to keep on dreaming about that future... The energy loss inherent to air-based power transmission alone kills the concept in the cradle, less you are OK with a non-stop dozens to hundreds of Watt of Power Consumption to power your dinky 5W device. It is a weakness that Beam Steering can't overcome. The further the device the more is lost period. That Xiaomi station (if it becomes a thing) will be a power hungry fella (would explain its size) and in a climate where our energy demand is outpacing our ability to establish renewable power sources one of the last things we need

  • Weslie Global
    Weslie Global4 dagen geleden

    You have to be very lazy to want a wireless charger

    GLEAMY GAMING6 dagen geleden

    Why need to buy that if you can just use your charger ... its just the same altho with no wires or the other thing that idk whats called

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates7 dagen geleden

    First time you will get like second time you need it

  • Marwan Tarek
    Marwan Tarek7 dagen geleden

    I would rather use a power bank

    EDS MUSIC7 dagen geleden

    Your videos are good as always, it's nice to watch the innovations and when you tell about them i learn a lot, I really like this intro with those lines are moving according to the rhythm of the music, looks very good, well done 7:30 And of course very good music what name of this song?

  • Murcia doxial
    Murcia doxial8 dagen geleden

    I can just hear Nikola Tesla banging his head against his coffin in frustration...

  • Mattias
    Mattias8 dagen geleden

    Finally someone somewhat i acknowledge that ”non-ionizing” does not mean that it cannot ionize, even physicists claim that ”non-ionizing” radiation cannot ionize: it can, the only difference is that the likelihood of it happening depends on the power, because multi-photon ionization is still a thing. That said, I don't know how harmful 5W would be, and I don't care to look it up.

  • Antho More
    Antho More10 dagen geleden

    At the end I agree small devices like speakers, mouse, keyboard, phone etc. But we take our phones to school, work, mall, trips etc. We need at least current or more🔋 to listen 🎶, youtube, games etc, this is fine at home but what about 8+ hours we are outside.

  • TheFormer1337Agent
    TheFormer1337Agent11 dagen geleden

    why did they make air charging when they couldve made a solar charging phone? that will also fail i guess

  • david ben
    david ben11 dagen geleden

    Okey, air charge will be the best thing in the world but, I well stay with my charger

  • Aikidjam
    Aikidjam12 dagen geleden

    Water is not dangerous (or "not ionising") BUT, stay long enough in water, your body won't like it !

  • Krayoz Mines
    Krayoz Mines12 dagen geleden

    I have a bad feeling with this. It's still relatively new technology. Who knows there're negative health impacts we can't observe until years later. Like how we only realised cigarettes are bad 50 years after the nicotine fad

  • yeasin al yeasa
    yeasin al yeasa13 dagen geleden

    Even it is very helpful but it is very radioactive.

  • SI13O14GF
    SI13O14GF13 dagen geleden

    Didn't Nikola Tesla think of this in 1901 With his free energy tower?

  • Aman Shrivas
    Aman Shrivas14 dagen geleden

    think about an electric car that can charge on road. The possibilities are amazing.

  • Its Ellie
    Its Ellie14 dagen geleden

    Apple after removing the screen, camera, speaker and everything except the metal/glass: can someone press rewind??

  • Princess Zyra
    Princess Zyra14 dagen geleden


  • Imperial Coc
    Imperial Coc14 dagen geleden

    Even me

  • Lemon Nickel
    Lemon Nickel15 dagen geleden

    Okay as someone who's backpacking usually 4 months a year I can say that reducing batteries would make me forever stick with old phones then.

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla15 dagen geleden

    When the phone's battery is at 69% Me: Noice

  • Masi Karimi
    Masi Karimi15 dagen geleden

    Well, let's wait and watch! Really appreciate it!

  • Gore Obsessed
    Gore Obsessed17 dagen geleden

    Ah yes the least efficient way to charge anything I don't get the appeal I'll save some money and just plug it in when I'm at the desk

  • Nishikanta Biswal
    Nishikanta Biswal18 dagen geleden

    Air charge is not needed

  • Kilgorio
    Kilgorio18 dagen geleden


  • Someone
    Someone18 dagen geleden

    Highly unlikely that we wont need batteries,imagine being in the desert or somewhere that cant be reached by a charger, i mean, i would consider removing the batteries possible when we have some sort of a satellite chargers that are either able to locate phones anywhere on earth and fire charger beams on it, or somesort of an aura charging coverage, if that is even possible. but even so, are you comfortable with a satellite that knows where you are everywhere you go? Probably not. so yea i guess its still a hundred years before we consider battery removal.

  • Scorpiog 946
    Scorpiog 94618 dagen geleden

    Hi god bless have a good one

  • BJ 654
    BJ 65418 dagen geleden

    0:28 I love what you did there.

  • theguapf4ther
    theguapf4ther18 dagen geleden

    im just enjoying the fact that when he mentions that he’s been alrd at the 4 min mark, its dead on 4 minutes, 4:00

  • mrstarter
    mrstarter19 dagen geleden


  • Abhinav Bhardwaj
    Abhinav Bhardwaj20 dagen geleden

    Brother that ain't aron that's A rooon

  • Impuritex (Impuritex)
    Impuritex (Impuritex)21 dag geleden

    I can already hear people saying "What's your air charger password"

  • That guy who hate weebs
    That guy who hate weebs22 dagen geleden

    I rather use cable charger for 45 mins🙂🙂

  • I milk cows for breakfast
    I milk cows for breakfast22 dagen geleden

    I have enough money to buy 300 of these, so whenever I enter a room in my house I'm immediately going to: 1. Get blasted with a big amount of radiation 2. My phone would charge fast

  • Randfungod
    Randfungod22 dagen geleden

    Just get a internet box dicect it then make it through Your phone

  • تركي الغامدي
    تركي الغامدي22 dagen geleden


  • Badar Wildanie
    Badar Wildanie23 dagen geleden

    *Phone Company:* "We care about the environment, so we get rid of these chargers". *Also Phone Company:* "We are developing a device that waste 80W of power for a 5W air charging' *Also Phone Company:* "Don't worry, we were just kidding, we just want to impress you so you can buy our products"

  • arvi verona
    arvi verona23 dagen geleden

    Dude, just remove the part about explaining how wireless charging works and its losses. And also remove the part about comparing obstacle in 5G transmission and obstacle in wireless charging. Scale, material type, etc makes two different phenomenon. You need proper research and sound theory before claiming something that doesn't make sense.

  • arvi verona
    arvi verona23 dagen geleden

    Dude, again. Study the basics of electromagnetic induction. FUN FACT, That plastic in the wireless charger and glass on your phone is invisible to the wireless charger. The main concern is the distance and position between transmitter coil and receiver coil and how matched it is. Also, 5G signal and air/wireless charging are two different application of induction. Unlike 5G, wireless charging is not concerned of fidelity but mostly just maximum power transfer. P.s. Nicola Tesla theorised air power

  • arvi verona
    arvi verona23 dagen geleden

    Dude, I like your video but your reasoning why wireless charging is inefficient IS SO VERY WRONG. The plastic casing of the wireless pad, the glass back of the phone and even the "conductivity" of the two has nothing to to with inefficiency of wireless charging in general. Good voice recording and accent doesn't make false statements facts. What makes wireless charging inefficient are additional power conversion and transfer losses. Wired charging basically eliminates losses in transferring the energy from brick to phone charge port by using conductive wire a.k.a usb cable. Wireless charging uses extra conversion stages instead of a simple cable (induction circuit, coil to coil induction loss, heat) apart from the usual loss in 230v to 5v conversion loss (powerbricks) and phone to battery charging losses).

  • Slime Adventure
    Slime Adventure24 dagen geleden

    Air charger can charge our body by filling radio active ions in our body. ( Just my theory) don't be mad at me.

    ROM PALADIN24 dagen geleden

    Nickolai Tesla thought about this centuries ago. That is why he built a tesla coil tower. They said that just hold up a bulb it will light it up. Thomas Edison is one greedy dude. And no one funded Tesla died in his hotel room US government made his works and inventions "Top Secret". Since they dont want free energy to all!!!

  • Jack Daniel C. Ambing
    Jack Daniel C. Ambing24 dagen geleden

    Ur like Vince

  • Debaditya Nath
    Debaditya Nath25 dagen geleden

    Arun: a sub to this channel would be... Me: aldreadeady subed, how bout a like?

  • Tausif ali
    Tausif ali25 dagen geleden

    Looks like Xiaomi found the lost Tesla documents for wireless energy.

  • Fol Epi
    Fol Epi25 dagen geleden

    you should let your videos physics checked. There are a few errors in the video.

  • Bastian Espejo
    Bastian Espejo25 dagen geleden

    5Watts oh you meant the same charge that most apple users use lol

  • TheLiquidKid
    TheLiquidKid25 dagen geleden

    I love the 69% on the thumbnail

  • Nikola Stojsic NS studios
    Nikola Stojsic NS studios26 dagen geleden

    Air charging is exactly what I thought wireless charging was when I first heard of it, and I still think that having truely wireless charging would be awesome. You go to an airport or restaurant and your phone charges so you're never left with a dead phone.

  • Salty Boi
    Salty Boi26 dagen geleden

    so uuh we released air charging mrwhosetheboss: excuse me what?, that's not really helpful.

  • MWB Gaming
    MWB Gaming26 dagen geleden

    This technology should not be used as an excuse to remove the battery from phones, as it is, I modified my phone to INCREASE its battery capacity, reducing it would be stupid and counter-productive to what a MOBILE PHONE is intended to be used for

  • ramesh veerabathini
    ramesh veerabathini26 dagen geleden

    Nikola Tesla dream is true now

  • Numbers _385
    Numbers _38526 dagen geleden

    Cable Supremacy

  • mirdav
    mirdav26 dagen geleden

    Him: it uses the same waves as 5G Karens: it's free real estate

  • Dark Panda
    Dark Panda27 dagen geleden

    They could add multiple battery in a single phone and have double the charging speed for example if they add 2 battery in a phone instead of a single battery they can charge that same phone in 10W

  • Twski


    27 dagen geleden

    the rate of charge of the battery is not the limiting factor here. It's the transmitted power

  • HYM !!
    HYM !!27 dagen geleden

    you said this in the beginning of last year

  • Jeremiah Dunn
    Jeremiah Dunn28 dagen geleden

    So invest in the company because they have 6g

  • its Alex
    its Alex28 dagen geleden

    3:03 *oh my fucking god I feel like I just read the side effects on some innocent cough syrup*

  • Mpho Netshimbupfe
    Mpho Netshimbupfe29 dagen geleden

    0:26 nice indeed

  • Zico Zicowo
    Zico Zicowo29 dagen geleden

    I use my bjg tesla coil to charge

  • kosmosrebell
    kosmosrebellMaand geleden

    **sees 69%** _noice_

  • Demetre Jakhaia
    Demetre JakhaiaMaand geleden

    somebody in China: wow its such a good idea! lets fire electricity in the air and move it around where the phone is, even if the user is talking on the phone!! who cares if his brain gets fried!

  • ImTheAntagonist
    ImTheAntagonistMaand geleden


  • Havoc
    HavocMaand geleden

    Apple posters buy now Xiaomi posters 69% Nice

  • Nexus OneZ (Cry_when_iam_gone)
    Nexus OneZ (Cry_when_iam_gone)Maand geleden

    It be charging Ur pacemaker so you won't die. Of course if it overcharges. . . . . . You dead boi

  • Corbin Beyler
    Corbin BeylerMaand geleden

    "Bonus points for whoever made this poster Xiaomi" The Poster: 69 0:25

  • 90gq29
    90gq29Maand geleden

    This could be cool with VR! even if it isn't that well developed just quite yet

  • Eracer
    EracerMaand geleden

    What about the fact that the beacon that carries power will also raise temp for living bodies, judt like gsm antenas

  • pro fam
    pro famMaand geleden

    Even motrola is working on air charging

  • Bhushan Deshmukh
    Bhushan DeshmukhMaand geleden

    the first question is it it really wireless???? bcos with cable you can use to atlest 1-1.2 meter whereas wireless can't be used... ^_^

  • JessenLH
    JessenLHMaand geleden


  • How To?
    How To?Maand geleden

    2:42 there are the “wireless” chargers which is connected to your phone with cables if your phone is old and doesnt have wireless charging, and i mean it should be faster in a way, like it gets the electricity and gives it from the source. Should be faster right?

  • 1st06_2K6 Absolute Rainbow
    1st06_2K6 Absolute RainbowMaand geleden

    That's why it's just a prototype

  • pallowfosh
    pallowfoshMaand geleden

    Give xiaomi 5 years to get it right

  • Hizky Kaunang
    Hizky KaunangMaand geleden

    0:11 When he said "aeehh", i felt that

  • Big James Cousins
    Big James CousinsMaand geleden

    This is stupid because if this was a thing most people would just end up using their phone or device at the same time which will cause it not to charge up.

  • Big James Cousins
    Big James CousinsMaand geleden

    If you trust a Chinese company you should jump off a cliff.

  • xmH Nab
    xmH NabMaand geleden

    Hey, where's the rickroll?

  • BreadBoi0 “BreadBoi0”
    BreadBoi0 “BreadBoi0”Maand geleden

    "5W is the equivalent of a 2007 iphone" Also the equivalent of a 2019 iphone

  • Jan Szreniawski
    Jan SzreniawskiMaand geleden

    They stole it from Nikola Tesla

  • Moon Light
    Moon LightMaand geleden

    I believe battery will still exist xD

    SONAM DAWAMaand geleden

    never say never, sciene keeps evolving... may be in the future

  • Moon Light
    Moon LightMaand geleden

    Did they ever try to make a charger that can wireless charge by just plugging it in then plugging a piece on to your phone and then it charges kinds like bluetooth

  • just your average human
    just your average humanMaand geleden

    No one gonna talk abt the thumbnail?

  • Ruwi-Senpai
    Ruwi-SenpaiMaand geleden

    The point of a phone is to be mobile. I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of some far away location just to have to already plug it in

  • Nirkiz
    NirkizMaand geleden


  • Antonio Scotti
    Antonio ScottiMaand geleden

    this technology exists since 1831, its the same principle of an induction cooking hob being sold since the 70s, but even a saucepan sitting right on top of the hop where is at its most efficient place to be its only 75% efficient (roughly), plus, who can actually say anything about health concerns with all those extra waves traveling trough the air unnecessarily?, my gut feeling is to keep on using cables

  • M L G speedwagon
    M L G speedwagonMaand geleden

    me with my 8 year old phone: 😦

  • C4U4
    C4U4Maand geleden

    You made a mistake at 2:37, because what is being transferred by the wireless charger IS NOT direct electricity, it is in fact magnet waves that are transformed in electricity by a coil inside the phone. So, the conductivity of the material between the coil and the charger don't influences the charging, because if it was like you saying, the energy would not get in the phone at all

  • that youtube channel
    that youtube channelMaand geleden

    I would buy it if it weren't that expensive, but I'm almost certain it'll be prohibitively expensive to the point that Xiaomi isn't gonna sell a fifth as many as their latest phones

  • Shanice Choudhury
    Shanice ChoudhuryMaand geleden

    *me silently sweating while watching this on a Xiaomi phone:*

  • Jins Neck
    Jins NeckMaand geleden

    Wait aren’t we more concerned with the fact that an X-ray machine can destroy your nerves and stuff- 🏃🏻‍♀️

  • player2boy36
    player2boy36Maand geleden

    They could have a case for the phone with anteni

  • Tolm1n
    Tolm1nMaand geleden

    I found a 69 in the thumbnail. *nice*

  • Milan Đurđević
    Milan ĐurđevićMaand geleden

    Charging Microwave :D