What you didn't know about Xiaomi.

You've seen the Xiaomi Mi 11, the potential Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro / Mi 11 Ultra, but there's a LOT more to Xiaomi than you think...

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss4 maanden geleden

    Have you noticed how our setup is slowly evolving? 🎉 To see the truth about why companies no longer give you a charger in the box: nldron.info/work/video/joiHfZulXWfDkp8

  • david ben

    david ben

    12 dagen geleden

    ya you can see that

  • - oh -

    - oh -

    25 dagen geleden

    @hikingOpussom J GOD bleess

  • - oh -

    - oh -

    25 dagen geleden

    GOD bless

  • Catherine Ma

    Catherine Ma

    Maand geleden

    A correction: "xiaomi" (小米) in Chinese refers to the crop foxtail millet (Setaria italica). In contrast, rice is called "dami" (大米), which literally means "the big rice".



    Maand geleden

    I like your outro music.

  • Am Rozh
    Am Rozh7 uur geleden

    Tried Mi Max 2 , 5 1/2 yes ago. Need bigger than 6" screen and big 5300mha battery as I watched lots of movies and NLdron in this phablet. After 2 yes every phone have this size as standard except iPhone. After five yrs, 5000mha batter size are a regular. Even Samsung follow the Chinese trend in having bigger RAM and ROM. The battery size is big too. No problems with problems in Mi phones. Cheap and good product but camera and audio not really good. Got a new Redmi Note 10 pro as good as Samsung A52 with better Snapdragon 732G chip, double stereo speakers, audio jack, Super Amoled, and newer Snapdragon. Very good phone and have improved alot. You can't ask for more. Their quality are superb. I do have an older Samsung and Sony too. But the 10T have better cameras than iPhone 12 !

  • Star Beard
    Star Beard8 uur geleden

    I am tired of watching Genshin Impact ad

  • Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng
    Lalbiakzuala Vanchhawng14 uur geleden

    I watch his videos for like 10 hours now... almost bought One plus now Im begining to think Mi 11 x will be good

  • Joellen Dangelo
    Joellen Dangelo15 uur geleden

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  • brent y joseph
    brent y joseph16 uur geleden

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  • Beats Beats
    Beats Beats17 uur geleden

    From knockoff iPhones to knockoff AirPods.

  • noname
    noname17 uur geleden

    for whole 7.5 minutes i was thinking, "oh finally he isn't rick rolling". i was wrong lol

  • la blackzed
    la blackzedDag geleden

    I love xiaomi phones far better than Apple crap I highly recommended them .👍👍👍👍

  • DIVYANSH Dhoke
    DIVYANSH DhokeDag geleden

    Mi know one thing that is coping

  • geo bnobe
    geo bnobeDag geleden

    Apple and Samsung are good but costs much, and Xiaomi is strong and cheap.

  • AcadianADV
    AcadianADVDag geleden

    I love Xiaomi. I’m a huge Apple fan and I consider them the “Chinese apple”. I have the Xiaomi streaming box, microwave, electric shaver, rice cooker, power strips, dash camera, and some other products. I think they are a great company with very good products.

  • Dr. Theory
    Dr. Theory2 dagen geleden

    It’s pronounced xiaomi , not shaomi I’m Chinese , trust me ...

  • Hawkwell
    Hawkwell2 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail making me nervous!

  • The Red Gamer
    The Red Gamer2 dagen geleden


  • Cheese Coyote
    Cheese Coyote2 dagen geleden


  • aotero u
    aotero u2 dagen geleden

    Another fun fact, their logo is a rip off of the subway of Mexico City, there’s a long tradition of Chinese companies plagiarizing logos from Mexican government institutions, there’s even a book about it,

  • movie clips
    movie clips2 dagen geleden

    Mr. Who set he boss

  • Vishwanath Sharma
    Vishwanath Sharma2 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi's tag line; Pure marketing, nothing else.

    RAINER MARCHAN2 dagen geleden


    RAINER MARCHAN2 dagen geleden

    7:28 :D

  • Anish Debnath
    Anish Debnath2 dagen geleden

    Is your name Arun or Aron ??

  • Gibran Oliver
    Gibran Oliver3 dagen geleden

    Watching on my 3 year old Xiaomi phone

  • David Jarrah
    David Jarrah3 dagen geleden

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  • Ivo VG
    Ivo VG3 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: I have Xiaomi and it is the worst mobile phone that I ever had. Hardware components are brutal but the software is very slow. So the software can not take all benefits from this great hardware. It is like you have a Ferrari engine but your suspension is from Fiat. My opinion is, better buy some iPhone or Samsung because their software is on another level from Xiaomi.

  • Raka Ananda
    Raka Ananda3 dagen geleden

    2:13 i didn't expect that

  • Timothy Mambo
    Timothy Mambo4 dagen geleden

    I recently bought the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S, a fantastic budget phone!! The large battery, massive screen and great storage.

  • cncfan
    cncfan4 dagen geleden

    I’ll never buy a CCP Winnie the Pooh phone

  • Ale Sánchez
    Ale Sánchez4 dagen geleden

    8:40 Real fact, when I first got into a xiaomi store, I went by accident thinking that it was an apple store, took me 30 sec to realize

  • Nub gaming
    Nub gaming4 dagen geleden

    also a shit ton of people in Greece me with them owns xiaomi phones. they are good and really cheap

    JONGS VLOG4 dagen geleden

    Proud Mi/xiaomi user here 😊 (redmi note 10 pro max)

  • Emo Midget
    Emo Midget4 dagen geleden

    I am so satisfied with xiaomi phones,i dropped mine in the bathtub at least 2 times and it still works perfectly

  • Siyo Betro Bet
    Siyo Betro Bet4 dagen geleden

    Man could pull off the most sarcastic expression only by smiling. I'm not mad, it's impressive.

  • Jakul Zalsalani
    Jakul Zalsalani4 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: xiaomi in the philippines has crappy customer service. My 3 month old unabused xiaomi phone(i bought as a backup phone) died bc of their miui update. Its been almost 2 months now sitting at their service center with no news of it getting fixed anytime soon.

  • Incidious Gaming
    Incidious Gaming4 dagen geleden

    Apple fan- why do you like glass a lot and use them in all of your buildings Apple- GLASS

  • Orion
    Orion4 dagen geleden


  • Vuti Kuke
    Vuti Kuke5 dagen geleden

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  • Rold Yao
    Rold Yao5 dagen geleden

    Thanks for the great info!! 👏👏💪

  • Nur Azhar
    Nur Azhar5 dagen geleden

    Knockoff data stealer zero innovation funded by ccp

  • onikakao 72
    onikakao 725 dagen geleden


  • Nathan Edades
    Nathan Edades6 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: they haven't fixed ram and storage management in redmi series and still the "Others" file is larger than any other file that's occupying my hot dang storage 🙂

  • TheMrSky YTHelpES
    TheMrSky YTHelpES6 dagen geleden

    I have to say that, the "fact" at 6:34 is completely ridiculous, and there's no way that is true. I could write a whole essay in why it is imposible but I'll summarize, with common sense, as soon as that product goes on sale, or gets its price lowered, Xiaomi will make less than a dollar per product, in the phone market that's completely unrealistic, and seeing the net worth that Xiaomi has at the moment, it's proven that it is not true

  • Jason B
    Jason B6 dagen geleden

    very dangerous making the chinese richer , the western world will be at war with them in less than 20 years!!

  • CaptainJay_YT
    CaptainJay_YT6 dagen geleden

    2:16 Are ya okay mate?

  • Peter Vykoupil
    Peter Vykoupil6 dagen geleden

    5:23 no…. here (In eastern europe) if you care about your smartphone, you buy Samsung or Apple, if you want something cheap, Xiaomi

  • Muhammad Khan
    Muhammad Khan6 dagen geleden

    You should speak slowly. It will make your English understandable.

  • Levent Testoni
    Levent Testoni6 dagen geleden

    I have a Xiaomi

  • Ioan Petras
    Ioan Petras6 dagen geleden

    Very funny!Everyone knows that in the world there are three big brands for smartphones:Samsung, Apple and....Huawei! Xiaomi's ascent is due to the fact,of course, that the company "dont waste time ",but also cause Huawei was banned by USA.All esteem for Xiaomi's devices (although I dont like them)but Huawei has manufactured a multitude of devices of exceptional quality, without equal and shattering all the competition...

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan7 dagen geleden

    typing from my xiaomi phone...

  • Willie Watra
    Willie Watra7 dagen geleden

    xiaomi phone have good spec & reasonable price but i hate that its bluetooth dont connect to car phone/audio system. sometimes the phone setting autochange it self

  • Simon Wang
    Simon Wang7 dagen geleden

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    CHUA BING XUAN Moe7 dagen geleden


  • RushGaming
    RushGaming7 dagen geleden

    11:14 maybe because of rumers and the corona

  • RushGaming
    RushGaming7 dagen geleden

    I've never heard of them till I watched this video glad I did

  • Felixgamz
    Felixgamz7 dagen geleden

    When I was watching the video I got an ad that had you in it

  • Gyula Racz
    Gyula Racz7 dagen geleden

    @Mrwhoseboss Is this honest opinion or sponsored? One thing keeps me worried in all reviews (not only yours) is that nobody is talking about security concerns that were on the table a couple of years ago. Could you please elaborate on this topic a little more?

  • enz


    6 dagen geleden

    xiaomi isnt related to the chinese goverment, huawei was its perfecty safe, especially when you realise you're using atleast one of the biggest spy services rn (google, perhaps also facebook)

  • Eclipse Visuals
    Eclipse Visuals8 dagen geleden

    7:31 Really? 😂 😂 😂 Really dude? 😂 😂

  • Anonimowy
    Anonimowy8 dagen geleden

    watching this on my xiaomi lmao

  • videonaj
    videonaj8 dagen geleden

    The more I learn about the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) The less I want to deal with China. Which means Xiaomi is affected too. Any money goes to China some of that ends up in CCP hands and they use that money to build a military that wants to rule south east asia and the world. So Bye Bye Xiaomi until CCP is gone.

  • Veronica_y1
    Veronica_y18 dagen geleden

    Unpopular opinion: their phones aren't that good. I've had a few of them and with time they slow down, there's a lot of ads even in system apps and the ads take up a lot of systems storage and there's nothing you can do about it unless you buy a new phone, after like 2 years of using the glitches become almost impossible to stand and I'm not talking about using a 5yo model for 2 years, I'm talking about a 2-3yo model (meaning it's been released 2-3years ago) love the phones but they need a lot of endurance improvement

  • Tomato Spoop
    Tomato Spoop8 dagen geleden

    LoL I'm watching this on the mi 9t that I can't activate because I live in America

  • that one boy
    that one boy8 dagen geleden

    I'm watching this on xiomi lol

  • Juise Box
    Juise Box8 dagen geleden

    everyone can pronounce chinese. You just need to have to think smart. My last name is lau and most people can pronounce that nowadays. But like a decade ago, people didn't know how to pronounce lau. Just think of it as saying loud without the d. This is basically what's happening with shower me without the e and r

  • Airon Bakker
    Airon Bakker9 dagen geleden


  • Sreehari M V
    Sreehari M V9 dagen geleden

    Facts about 🔥ASUS and ROG🔥

  • Mindaugas Krupavicius
    Mindaugas Krupavicius9 dagen geleden

    Great specs and friendly UI

  • Jewelson Noronha
    Jewelson Noronha9 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi go to is don't invent the wheel when it's already invented and proven to work. So copy, and paste inventions into your gadget and bring it to the heart of the people.

  • Goutam Boppana
    Goutam Boppana9 dagen geleden

    wozniak is a guy with opp philosophy to jobs tbh

  • Stuart Saunders
    Stuart Saunders9 dagen geleden

    Like xiamoi just wish they would stop pissing about and fix my fone 😡

  • Michael Hettrick
    Michael Hettrick9 dagen geleden

    The way Mrwhosetheboss brought the cables into frame really reminds me of Edgar Wright's movies, especially Hot Fuzz.


    U talk a lot

  • peace World
    peace World10 dagen geleden


  • Wati jr Wait man
    Wati jr Wait man10 dagen geleden


  • Dimas Januar
    Dimas Januar10 dagen geleden

    i remember when Xiaomi introduced Redmi Note for the 1st time. They elaborated phone's dimension, weight, screen size, in a way that looked similar to what Apple did with their iPhones on their website.

  • Farhan is Fearless
    Farhan is Fearless10 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi Is fan favorite smartphone brand 👇

  • GRSL
    GRSL10 dagen geleden

    So True.

  • King
    King10 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi keeps on trying to improve by giving more and more for less money while Apple is giving less and less and asking for even more money. Without the slave sheeps Apple will end up like Nokia.

  • littleprince mica27
    littleprince mica2710 dagen geleden

    Pls talk about Teclast

  • Bearthegreat
    Bearthegreat11 dagen geleden

    I'm watching this video on their phones

  • Winter land Frost
    Winter land Frost11 dagen geleden

    Now I can’t stop hearing shower me 😭😭😭

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim11 dagen geleden

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  • jyuean
    jyuean11 dagen geleden

    isn't xiaomi means millet

  • Roman Singla
    Roman Singla11 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi :wildfire. (Hope) apple becomes there rain storm😁

  • Tammy
    Tammy11 dagen geleden

    itz pronounced siyao mi

  • Engineering Division SMEHCI
    Engineering Division SMEHCI11 dagen geleden

    Honesytly, worth to buy Xiaomi 4ns..

    THEVYSSHREE THEVAINDRAN Moe11 dagen geleden

    please do samsung virtual assitant

  • Matondo Azabojo
    Matondo Azabojo11 dagen geleden

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  • Wena_Mare Müller🗸
    Wena_Mare Müller🗸11 dagen geleden

    Do you have merch

  • Sivakumar Rengasamy
    Sivakumar Rengasamy12 dagen geleden

    Even Xiami's poco f1 is like a apple product. Most of the redmi mobiles selling is partnered with xiami.

  • Петр Верзилов
    Петр Верзилов12 dagen geleden

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  • Iam Krish
    Iam Krish12 dagen geleden

    Xiaomi (小米) is the Chinese word for "millet".

  • Stefanos Zavris
    Stefanos Zavris12 dagen geleden

    Me watching on redmi note 8:👀

    sToLeN CINNAMON12 dagen geleden

    samsung has waifu tho

  • marvin lascano
    marvin lascano12 dagen geleden

    Love from philippines While watching this video I accidentally fall my phone now my INFINIX stylus 5 is having cracks Hahaha

  • Robert Townsend
    Robert Townsend12 dagen geleden

    I live in China and I had some Mi products and they all ended up in the bin. They build hype by promising major gift rewards but as soon as the hype goes down everyone is back to their iPhone.

  • xie yulia
    xie yulia12 dagen geleden

    wow, ada clip Dari gadgetin

  • Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO
    Tᗴᗩᖇ ᖴᑌᒪ231ᑭᒪᑌTO12 dagen geleden

    A guy tried robbing my dad's company but ran away and drop his Xiaomi phone. I never turned it into english for my sister

  • s_i_am R
    s_i_am R12 dagen geleden

    12:13 no it's wrong as a xiomi redmi 8b user I know my phone's name *olive* and it has names for other devices too

  • Naim Salahuddin
    Naim Salahuddin12 dagen geleden

    You forgot to mention that before unite states government knocked huwaei off the top of the industry, nobody was greater than Huwaei. Once they pushed them out the way the knew others would take their place who were willing to bend to the United States will. Therefore you have Xiami 🤷🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🤫

  • Yaq
    Yaq12 dagen geleden

    i thught you name was right lololol mr whoes the boss